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Alternative Ranger Class!

TL; DR: Alternative version for the Ranger class!

Hi, guys! How's your xmas going?

So, it's Christmas, and we decided to bring you a little something as a token of our appreciation for this incredible and wonderfully diverse community that welcomes us with such affection! My name's Ettore and I'm part the Brazilian RPG streaming group Trovadores Modernos (or Modern Troubadours)! This is a repost, I am not sure what the previous version of the post was lacking.

With the recent publication of "Tasha's Cauldron of Everything", we've received some interesting increments for all classes in the form of additional and optional Class Features. Among them, there were complements for the Ranger that made the class much more interesting to play and much more balanced in relation to the others. However, even after 6 years and a series of errata and revisions and add-ons, it is only now that the Ranger is reaching the other classes in terms of utility (I don't mean only damage or combat, because those were never the primary focuses of the Ranger, but in terms of general utility in the game). So we can't help but feel… underwhelmed, as I'm sure you'll all agree.

Rangers' abilities have always been very dependent on the DM's mercy, so if they don't put your Favored Enemy or Terrain in the game, you're done for, and none of the benefits gained was good enough to compensate for these limitations. And although I particularly think it is silly for a DM to start an adventure and not worry about giving players a little insight to create characters more appropriate for it, or players not asking about the adventure when building the characters (which would already remedy this issue at least), this is still a very real game design problem for the class.

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Because of this, as me and the Modern Troubadours are lovers of the Ranger concept and its origins, I worked in partnership with them to develop an alternative version of Ranger for our D&D 5e tables! And it is completely compatible with the original Ranger, so all of the Conclave / Archetype options available to the Ranger work with it! Precisely so that people who already have Ranger characters can more smoothly transition to this new version if they want to. The exception, of course, is the Beast Master, whose skills have been engulfed by this version of the class. So this new version brings a little oomph to the class, giving it advantage against "Favorite Prey" (Favored Enemies) among other skills that make it less situational or give it more compensation.

The reason for this is that when we were restructuring the class we looked for its central problems, which went far beyond "situational skills" or "lack of damage", the problem was that the way the class was created did not help the player build the character that was suggested to him in the class fiction (e.g. you imagine Aragorn or Legolas but you end up creating a character that doesn't have much to do with either one). Yes, I know that Legolas would be a Fighter, not a Ranger, but that is precisely the issue, this is not something that is made clear by the class, so the players sit at the table expecting an experience and are met with another one, which is deeply disappointing.

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Thinking about this problem of communicating the central concept of the class, we renamed it as the Strider. And we have redone some of the subclasses to bring more efficiency in what they promise to do. Here is an access link to the 100% free material on Google Drive!

In response to requests, at the end of the PDF, you will find a series of clarifications on why we set up the class the way we did, simplified explanations of the math used to create homebrew content (no, it's not just a wild guess… or it shouldn't be), our inspirations and other curiosities about the creative process. If you can provide us with feedback on your impressions of the class, especially if you use it in your games, we will be very grateful! Even more so if you can take a look at the justifications at the end first!

Happy Holidays, good rolls and a happy New Year!

P.S.: We are sorry if there are any typos in the translation, it was a little rushed to meet the Christmas deadline, but we did our best.


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