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Always. Check. The. Locks.

TLDR; The rest of the party tried to break down a door that wasn't even locked while I was being tortured on the other side.

This was a homebrew campaign that involved multiple groups of players and DMs using the same setting at around the same time. I was still very new to the game, so I didn't quite get the full experience as the others who had been there longer, but that made little difference to me.

I was playing a Tabaxi Monk-Rogue, and the other two more experienced players were Trainwreck, the Aasimar Wild Magic Sorcerer, and Gathrokka(totally spelled wrong), the Lizardfolk Ranger. The three of us had woken up from some kind of stasis, and were immediately instructed by some goddess that we were to destroy four statues that stored portions of her power. She gave us a map and sent us on our way.

We arrived at the first town on our way to the first temple, and were stopped by the guards at the gate. Don't recall why. They just did. Me, being not the brightest player, casually mentioned being asleep for a hundred years. The guards let us through, but a perception check revealed another guard watching us from a tower, crossbow armed and ready to fire in our direction. We pretended not to notice, and walked into the city anyways.

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Walking down one of the streets, my character was suddenly grabbed and pulled into a house. I was blindfolded, but the DM told me I was dragged down a flight of stairs, and then through two doors, based on the sound of them slamming shut. I was then strapped into a chair and interrogated by a woman that was once a PC who was kidnapped by the BBEG in a previous session. Not knowing who she was, I had no idea what kind of mistakes I was about to make. Basically, she was torturing me for information, and I would insult her between each blow, which just made the situation worse. Shaving my head and parts of my arms (I was doing my best Vegeta voice for the character, so the DM thought attacking his pride was the way to go) and then injecting me with poison, which turned out to be ordinary lemon juice. Finally, she had one of her companions cast Zone of Truth at a low level, as I was able to use her word choice against her, and avoid answering all of her questions. But, that didn't last forever, and eventually had no choice but to tell her we were going to a temple. She immediately knew which one (because, reasons) and immediately went off searching for it, leaving me alone strapped to the chair.

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Meanwhile, outside, the other two players had broken into the house and had begun searching for me. They had made it to the basement where they found a steel reinforced door. They used every spell at their disposal and broke several weapons trying to break it open. The DM had the perspective switch back and forth. I would take a hit from the torture while they took a hit at the door. This went back and forth until my captors were long gone. At this point, Trainwreck's player seemed visibly upset, as he had just figured out the solution to opening the door. He looked up at the DM and asked the question that made everyone at our table, and everyone at the table behind us running another game, laugh uncontrollably. "Is the door locked?"

The two of them waltzed right in, broke me out, and then we hurried to the temple where the enemy was already waiting for us. But, that story deserves its own post.

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