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Am I Being Too Soft?

Content of the article: "Am I Being Too Soft?"

So first of all, above everything else, my players like the game they're in. They genuinely enjoy the experience, specially last session. I dont think anything is deathly wrong with this setup and I think Im at least an alright DM because of it.

That said, after last fight my players hit me with the "we're basically gods!" after last session's bossfight.

They came down to fight a supernatural crime family, to repay/defend a homeless NPC that helped them alot and which they basically adopted. The previous dungeon had them really scared/excited and we left things off right before the bossfight. The boss was pretty hardcore in the visuals, gross as hell, had commander-like abilities which heavily depended on his minions.

Through some nice RP and good rolls the paladin managed to (over three rounds) get about half of them out of the fight non-lethally, which I think they appreciated, and even the ones that stayed were really no match for the PCs (they have pretty good stats and some magic items, but they're not outrageously above a normal lvl 8 party). With the minions gone, the boss didnt really have much going for him by himself (kind of on purpose thematically). Overall they had a pretty easy time of it, all things considered. They liberated some NPCs, pulled off some clutch rolls, made friends, made good on their old friend, and they praised the way I closed that fight in a fairly satisfactory way.

But it worries me that I'm pretty soft, I think. I dont hit them with the absolute worse spells I could, I dont strike too much at their weaknesses, and Im generous with how the RP rolls persuade people and how the enemy arrangement works for AOE effects.

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Should I start hitting them harder or keep doing what Im doing? I talked to them after the fight and they said they liked it cause it had a personal angle and they got to be creative. Which, yeah, thats the entire point of the game.

I feel kinda silly for asking this, as I know for a fact that they enjoyed that game, and I know thats the ultimate goal, but do you think they might start to lose respect/fear for the incoming threats if handled like this? Like, is this gonna be a problem? I wouldnt be asking if they hadnt literally cheered "we're basically gods!", which… I genuinely dont know if its gonna be a problem.

Edit: I dont care that much if I intimidate them, I think having fights like this one constantly might not be that bad, but I wanna keep them engaged like this. I dont wanna win against them, I want them to appreciate their wins, but idk if that's gonna be a constant going forward with fights like this.

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