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Am I playing D&D the wrong way?

Content of the article: "Am I playing D&D the wrong way?"

Hey folks. I hope you're having a great day.

Here's the situation I'm currently a player for a campaign that is going through Lost mines of Phandelver playing as a Forge Cleric.

We started playing for a few weeks now, and this is a online group and even though I've played plenty D&D before I started to question if I haven't been playing it the wrong way.

To me the game was always about being on a team and everyone going on quests, progressing and having fun together.

I know that everyone wants to be the spotlight and honestly that's understandable. So, I've been actively trying to not be on the spotlight as often as possible. I'll hang back and cheer on people when they achieve great feats.

But that doesn't mean I want to be forgotten. Today, during the session. We met a character who had in his house the symbol of the Order of the Gauntlet. My character is proficient in history, so I asked the DM if I recognized the symbol and made a History check, in which I rolled a natural 20.

I always wanted that character to join they order. It made sense to the story I saw. So I decided to talk to the NPC about it. I mentioned the order and the NPC told me he was part of it for the last 50 years. I started my next sentence saying "Would it be…" As I was about to ask to join.

This other player cuts in front of me and says "Can I join? I want to do good!" Even though I was the only one recognizing the order and hadn't said anything to the other PCs yet.

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Quickly enough the DM presented that player with a recommendation and a ring. When I asked, he said he could only recommend one person a year. That… Frustrated me.

Also, there was a boss fight particular hard. Our team is composed of a fighter, a barbarian, a sorcerer, a ranger and myself as a cleric..

That fight had four bugbears (level 2 party) and three goblins. This was a open space, but for some reason every mob decided to attack me, and me alone. For the better part of the rounds.

I casted sanctuary on myself and took dodge actions. But apparently every bugbear can make their wisdom saving throws 100% of the time.

Essentially while the mobs were focusing on me, my party killed them all, and believe me, that's all the fun of the world. I'm a tanky character with 18 AC. That allows me to be defensive. But not all that much.

Anyhow, at the end of it our DM deemed that the fighter (the same who he gave the ring) was the MVP because he dealt a lot of dmg and awarded him with extra experience.

Maybe I'm overthinking. But am I playing the game wrong? I want us to progress as a party, yes, but I don't want to be just forgotten. Used as practice target while everyone else gets to have fun.

Anyhow, sorry if people dislike the post. I just got very frustrated.


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