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Am I “That guy”?

Content of the article: "Am I “That guy”?"

>Be me, human fighter.

>Be not me, Human monk, Yuan-ti fighter.

>Party takes the quest from some shady priest to take from tribal half-orc family a plate, that can heal almost any disease and more.

>I'm not so into it because of my backstory, my named brother is half-orc.

>On the road there, I'm saying how I would better kill the priest than harm half-ork family. My party agrees, but decides to take the plate anyways.

>When we arrived, I tried to somehow talk to half-orcs who was attacked by necromancers, but the other two started pointing their swords and threatening them, so I just point my blade at monk's throat, in hopes they will stop making things more complicated. Yuan-ti put his blade to my throat.


>After some banter, talking with half-orcs, fighting necromancer and stuff, we encounter half dead half-orc shaman.

>Me, being all so good to their kind, help him by giving one of my healing potions.

>He decided to help, we agree, but I say stay from danger, and ask my fairy partner to look for him

>Walk into big room, that immediately light up.

>See some skeletons and Revenant.


>In middle of the battle, shaman tries to hit the laying on the floor revenant.

>My Yuan-ti companion, being the chaotic-evil he is, decides to kill him, faking it as accident.

>After successful hit, Shaman goes down, but my fairy stabilize him.

>This was certainly not enough for him, so he decided to "help" him, but in reality he cast poisonous gas into his wounds.

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>My fairy companion notices that and tries to stop him.


>Shaman finally dies.

>After the fight, I hear the cry of my friend, and run to her full speed. She tells me what happened.


>I attack Yuan-ti, while monk tried to stop us.

>After some hide and seek, using the healing plate, I ended up with 7 hp, while Yuan-ti was half full.

>I decides to retreat.

>After short rest we "kinda" manage to forget about it, but there was tension.

>On the way back, they started to talk how they gonna kill priest.

>I say this is a bad idea to do this so openly.

>"It's gonna be okay".

>We walk into observatory, where priest stayed. I decided to stay at the front door, just in case.

>There are 4 paladins, literally covered in full plate armor and with muskets.

>"Yeah we not gonna win".

>hear outside some more paladins.


>Try to call monk, because at the moment, he is only one who I care about in party.

>Yuan-ti just kill the priest, using action surge.


>Shit is about to hit the fan.

>Two paladins run in.

>I do nothing, and they ignore me.

>Monk joins the unfolding chaos.


>Try to convince paladins not to kill monk.

>"Ay bro, help me kill them, surround this one"

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>U wot m8?


> No thank you!

>Save one of the paladins from monk, hoping this will help me win their favor, and convince not to kill monk after they beat him.

>Fight continues.


>I attack Yuan-ti, hoping this will convince paladins to trust me enough not to kill monk.

>OOC monk berates me for "abandoning the code"


>All of this ends in Yuan-ti succeeding in his death saves with -10 hp. Monk let him run away on horse, while he himself commits seppuku.

>Well, sh*t.

>After that, both players say they don't want to play anymore and leave party.

>After the game I apologise to them, but still, don't want to play.

Am i the asshole here? Should've I help them in possible suicide action? I just want to know the opinion of those who not involved in game.

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