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Am I the only one tired of wizards’ domination of the lore over other arcane casters?

Content of the article: "Am I the only one tired of wizards’ domination of the lore over other arcane casters?"

I'm sure this comes off as a hot take, and maybe it is, but I don't mean to start any fights here. I love wizards both mechanically and flavor wise. They are inextricably baked into the foundations of DnD, and fantasy in general. It makes sense that a company named Wizards of the Coast might have a favorite class. But it feels to me that wizards have an oversized presence in the baked-in lore of the game, to the point where it starts to feel like other arcane casters have never accomplished anything of note.

(Note that I haven't played any published adventures, just homebrew, so my complaints don't cover those, mostly imbalance in the core rules. They very well may prove me wrong, and I'd be interested to hear from anyone who thinks so.)

Essentially, it feels like wizards dominate the category of noteworthy mages in a way that is too integrated into most aspects of the game to be easily corrected. This has nothing to do with mechanics, powerbuilding, or whether wizards are OP. Just an observation that wizards are favored by the way the books are written.

Every named spell is named after a wizard. I know this has to do with DnD history, but it implies that wizards are largely the only spell casters capable of or interested in creating spells. This combined with the fact that the other two full arcane casters (Bard and Sorcerer) have very few class exclusive spells gives the impression that the magical accomplishments of wizards just overshadow other arcane casters. The idea that no sorcerers have ever devised unique spells, or that anything that can be accomplished by sorcery can be replicated just as well by wizardry, adds to the feeling of a sorcerer as just a worse wizard.

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Also, it seems to me that every magic item or artifact we have lore on that was made by a humanoid without planar/divine influence was made by a wizard. This feels especially like a slap in the face to artificers. Artificers are supposed to be inventors and innovators, specializing in creating new and unique magic items. But the game mechanics and preexisting items don't really support this idea. Since artificers only recently became a thing, all of the non Eberron magic items were made by wizards, who apparently had no trouble filling this gap while being full casters. I hope Tasha’s will fix that, but for now there seems to be no advantage to being an artificer rather than a wizard if one’s goal is to embody an inventor or student of magic. Artificers have plenty of ways to recreate items that already exist, but have no special ability to invent new things. At the moment it really seems like an artificer is a wizard who gave up cosmic power for a steampunk gimmick.

Finally, looking at dndbeyond, it seems that by far most of the premade spellcaster statblocks are wizards. While designing adventures for my players, I've found that this causes me to default to the "evil wizard" stereotype when creating villainous casters. I've had to translate one of the many blank slate wizard stat blocks into a sorcerer in order for it to match the character I wanted, because as far as I can tell there are zero generic sorcerer statblocks.

I understand that as a DM there is nothing stopping me from changing the lore of these things to offer more variety to the important NPCs that shaped the world. But it really feels like all of the most important people in history have been wizards. Wizards made all the cool ancient toys you give players, wizards invented all your spells, court mages and villains are mostly wizards, and all liches are wizards. Why do I have to work so hard to make other arcane casters matter?

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