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Am working on a fairly simple crafting system and am looking for some input.

Content of the article: "Am working on a fairly simple crafting system and am looking for some input."

So, party likes to craft. Crafting isn’t exactly fleshed out in 5e. After a long time thinking on it I have an idea on how I want to do it. Want to run it by everyone and see what you all think. Using Smithing for an example. So I am assigning smithing Strength as it’s ability score. By being proficient in smith tools, you are considered a smith. Whenever you roll to craft something, you add your str modifier and your proficiency bonus. If you are not proficient in smithing, you do not get to add either score to your roll when trying to make something. I’ve broken gear up into 4 tiers. Tier 1 will have a DC of 5 to make. It will consist of all primarily metal weapons and armor in the phb. For this very base-line gear, as long as the party is in town with some kind of smithy I am willing to assume they manage to find the materials to do the job. Tier 2 will require a dc of 10, and will allow the player to smith either a masterwork weapon (+1 to hit) or a silvered one. There isn’t any Tier 2 armor. Tiers 3 and 4 will have more powerful gear, and will thus require a special material the party will have to acquire to make. Tier 3 will be Mithril. If they have some they can attempt to forge a mithril weapon or armor. Dc for success is 15. Mithril weapons will have the benefits of both silvered and masterwork on them and will not be destructible by mundane means. Mithril armor and shields will be half weight and unbreakable by mundane means. Tier 4 will have a DC of 20 and will be Adamantite items. Adamantite weapons will be unbreakable by mundane means, and will be equivalent to a +1 weapon without being magical. Adamantite armor and shields will be unbreakable by mundane means and give +1 to AC, and also immunity to critical hits.

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Obviously the party won’t be able to fully forge their own gear, as I will control the flow of Mithril and Adamantite, but this will give players a chance to make things on their own, and to fill in gaps when loot rolls poorly. I am also going to make an enchantment tool set and crafting set up, so they can enchant what they make.

What does everyone think?

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