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Amped up Death Knight

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Greetings folks, I'll try to be brief. I'm presenting one of the major villains of my campaign that I just statted up for your scrutiny, to see what you think. After calculating his CR via the usual methods, it came out lower than I expected, so I figured someone more educated than me might be able to give a reasonable range. I'd like to keep him in the upper tier 3 to lower tier 4 range. Any inconsistencies with 5e formatting/language you can point out is also appreciated.

As for how I made him, he's just your standard death knight with the Demonic Boon of Orcus from Mordy, and a custom magic weapon I designed. Feel free to appropriate him for your own game if you want, I'll honestly be lucky if I ever get to use him haha.

Telos, the Winter Lord

Medium undead, chaotic evil

Armor Class 20 (plate armor, shield)

Hit Points 180 (19d8 + 95)

Speed 30 ft.


20 (+5) 11 (+0) 20 (+5) 12 (+1) 16 (+3) 18 (+4)

Saving Throws Dex +6, Wis +9, Cha +10

Damage Immunities cold, necrotic, poison

Condition Immunities exhaustion, frightened, poisoned

Senses darkvision 120 ft., passive Perception 13

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Languages Abyssal, Common

Challenge 17 (18,000 XP)

Aura of Death. Telos emanates a deathly aura that extends 30 feet in every direction from his space while he isn’t incapacitated. The aura is blocked by total cover. While in the aura, Telos and any friendly undead are immune to the frightened condition and have resistance to radiant damage. Enemies become vulnerable to necrotic damage in this aura; if they are resistant to necrotic damage, they lose this resistance, and if they are immune to necrotic damage, they become resistant to it.

Cocytus, Sword of Lament. Telos wields Cocytus, one of the Five Blades of Hell. This weapon adds +3 to attack and damage rolls (included in the attack), and he is immune to cold damage (included in damage immunities).

Magic Resistance. Telos has advantage on saving throws against spells and other magical effects.

Marshal Undead. Unless Telos is incapacitated, he and undead creatures of hiss choice within 60 feet of him have advantage on saving throws against features that turn undead.

Spellcasting. Telos is a 19th-level spellcaster. His spellcasting ability is Charisma (spell save DC 18, +10 to hit with spell attacks). He has the following paladin spells prepared:

1st level (4 slots): command, compelled duel, searing smite

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2nd level (3 slots): hold person, magic weapon

3rd level (3 slots): dispel magic, elemental weapon

4th level (3 slots): banishment, staggering smite

5th level (2 slots): destructive wave (necrotic)


Multiattack. Telos makes three attacks with Cocytus.

Cocytus. Melee Weapon Attack: +14 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 13 (1d8 + 8) slashing damage, or 14 (1d10 + 8) slashing damage if used with two hands, plus 11 (2d10) cold damage. On a critical hit, the target’s Constitution score is reduced by 2 (1d4). The target dies if this reduces its Constitution to 0. Otherwise, the reduction lasts until the target finishes a rest.

Hellfire Orb (1/Day). Telos hurls a magical ball of fire that explodes at a point he can see within 120 feet of him. Each creature in a 20-foot-radius sphere centered on that point must make a DC 18 Dexterity saving throw. The sphere spreads around corners. A creature takes 35 (10d6) fire damage and 35 (10d6) necrotic damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one.


Parry. Telos adds 6 to his AC against one melee attack that would hit him. To do so, Telos must see the attacker and be wielding a melee weapon.

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