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An explosive ending

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The story of how our party nuked the tomb of annihilation

Our group (A bunch of lvl 10 characters) was busy exploring the Tomb of Annihilation, busting monsters and disarming traps. Then, we found it… A sphere of annihilation. Me, constantly thinking of weird tricks to win fights, suggested we use the sphere to dig through the walls of the tomb to reach the boss chamber 2 levels below us. Our DM though it would be amusing, and let us proceed. As we dug around looking for the final chamber, I had an idea, why not just nuke the boss chamber with our collection of magic items.

Our plan was this: Open our portable hole on the ground near the boss, then use mage hand and suspend a bag of holding above the hole. Said bag of holding was filled with kerosene and caltrops (we originally intended use the bag as a cannon). Then our wizard was to move our sphere of annihilation over the portable hole as well. To top off this explosive mixture, we also had a beholder eye with its anti-magic cone (The DM let us keep that property after we cut it out of the beholder) which we were going to shine at the sphere of annihilation.

After digging through the walls of the ancient tomb, we now finally reached the chamber with the boss monster. Then we noticed a slight flaw in our plan, how were we going to set up our nuke with the boss monster raining hell down on us? As the boss monster approached us, our warlock had the idea to try and convince the monster we were setting up a show for it. Our DM thought this was hilarious and let the warlock roll to try and convince it. A quick nat 20 later we were busy setting up our nuke right in front of the boss. The boss monster also let slip that Acererak himself would be visiting later in the day. We asked the boss if we could wait for his arrival, telling him it was our dream to perform for Acererak. The boss agreed, and we waited for Acereraks arrival. Cut forwards to Acererak dramatically teleporting into the chamber.

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We knew we could never fool Acererak, so we decided put our plan into motion. At this point however, our wizard (who has an item he can use to teleport in the tomb) noticed that Acererak had some valuable magic items on him. The wizard then did a few very funny things in quick succession: First, he grabbed a handful of pepper from his infinite spice pouch,and teleported straight to the original boss monster. Said boss monster was then temporarily blinded from having a bag full of spices thrown at its face. The wizard then teleported to Acererak, who promptly received a face full of pepper and was relieved of his magic items.

Now time for the explosion. As the boss monsters were dealing with their well seasoned faces, our wizard cast globe of invulnerability with his staff of power. I then shone the antimagic cone (from the beholder eye) at the sphere of annihilation as the wizard dropped the bag of holding into the portable hole. The result was instant and devastating. The bag of holding going into the portable hole is a sizable explosion by itself. Combined with an de-stabilized hole in the multiverse (sphere of annihilation + antimagic field), led to an absolutely massive explosion. This explosion then destroyed a massive magical device that was present within the chamber, which increased the explosive yield hundredfold due to the stored magical power.

The end result: A mile wide crater were the tomb used to be and a burning wasteland going out for another 50 miles around the crater. What happened to us you may ask? We were thrown into a random plane of existence by the blast, were our next adventure will take place.

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TLDR: Megaxplosion sends adventuring party hurling into a random plane of existence

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