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An in-game real proposal!

Content of the article: "An in-game real proposal!"

Earlier this week the boyfriend of one of my players got in touch with me and asked if it would be possible to work his proposal into our next D&D session. With only three days to plan, he and I got to work designing a quest to retrieve a ring with/for an NPC, and worked it into the current mission. I let my other players know what was going on, because I usually run my games more of a sandbox style, and obviously this quest needed to be prioritized. Anyways, with everyone but the bride-to-be on the same page, the party readily accepted the quest (after negotiating a higher reward, since they had to stay in-character), and set off to recover the ring.

Meanwhile, the boyfriend is secretly sitting outside, on our porch. After the battle where they kill the shadow demon who had the ring, my wife (who is another player in the game) gets up and secretly calls the boyfriend, reminds him to mute his end, puts him on speakerphone, and comes back to the table. The party does some investigation, and then leaves to collect their reward, and get a long rest on their ship, which is still in port. I tell the bride-to-be that later that night she hears a knock on her cabin door, which is the boyfriend’s cue to knock on our front door.

I send her to go answer it, and we all follow, with some of us pulling out our phones to record the proposal. She opens the door to find him kneeling, dressed in RenFest garb I loaned him and a plastic helmet from a party store. In-character he professes his love for her character. Meanwhile she’s just standing there, confused and flabbergasted (later she admitted that she initially thought this was his way of asking to join our campaign) until he pulls out the ring box and asked her to marry him. I guess he passed the charisma check, because she said Yes!

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I’m really happy for them, and just had to share my excitement and joy to be included in such an amazing moment in their lives!

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