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An… Interesting Fight With A Displacer Beast

>Be me

>Playing 5e homebrew

>Level 16 Pegasus Knight (homebrew prestige for the Cavalier class/archetype/whatever you wanna call it)

>Party is fighting either a Displacer Beast, or a Homebrew monster similar to it (I forget which one it was, this was awhile ago. We'll say it's a Displacer Beast for the sake of simplicity) on top of a fortress's wall

>I'm maybe 100ft in the air, waiting for the party to immobilize the target so I can use Death From Above to kill it in one shot

>DM is super nice

>He thought the version of DFA in the handbook was too impractical for an inexperienced party to use in most situations, so he decided that it deals normal attack roll damage plus an extra 1d6 for every 10 feet you fall before contact, in order to make it more straightforward

>Decided that a high enough level in acrobatics would let you make one major adjustment to your midair trajectory once per battle, and 3-7 minor adjustments per round (based on skill level,) basically meaning that it was difficult for me to miss my mark

>This more-or-less means that the plan for any big fight was for the rest of the party to wear down the enemy while I dove down and landed the killing blow (This was the party's idea, not mine. I wanted everyone to have a chance at "being the hero" for lack of a better term, but they decided that this was the safest way to fight big enemies, since I deal medium to high burst damage at low risk to myself or the party)

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>Anyways, back to the fight

>One of the catapults supporting us fails miserably, and the stray shot startles my Pegasus and sends me plummeting

>The party notices that I'm currently falling to my death, and the rogue notices a cart they can use to break my fall

>The cart is behind the Displacer Beast (who I will be referring to as DB from now on for the sake of saving myself some time)

>The barbarian says "fuck it," downs a Potion of Fire Giant Strength, and tells the sorcerer to make a smokescreen so he can rush past the Beast and throw the cart under me

>Smokescreen is up, DB passed its constitution save, but it can't see

>I'm about halfway to a messy reunion with the ground, already used my airborne Acrobatics checks

>Pegasus is freaking out because of the incompetent catapult operators. They think poor Huey is an enemy

>mfw I'm fighting a DB only to be killed by dumbass NPC allies

>Barbarian goes to rush past the DB, goes into the smokescreen, and has to roll for perception

>Nat 1

>DM thinks that Nat 1s should be funny rather than punishing

>So the Barbarian grabs the DB thinking it's the cart and chucks it below me

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>I'm roughly 20 feet away from making contact with a very angry, very confused monster

>DM tells me to brace for impact and make a constitution save

>Nat 20

>DM is just having a ball with this turn of events

>decides that a disoriented enemy is a helpless enemy

>He says that falling on an enemy from that high up counts as an attack

>Tells me to roll 1d4 for unarmed damage, plus 10d6 for distance fallen

>I land on the DB for 39 damage, DM counts it as a coup de grace because DB is helpless

>I land on its head, breaking its neck and killing it in one shot

>mfw I killed a Displacer Beast with my ass

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