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An open letter to my traveling companion.

Content of the article: "An open letter to my traveling companion."

Hey guys, I was just really proud of this letter, and wanted to share. Sorry for the long winded post!

Contextual information: Zyl is my drow horizon walker, he just hit level three. Vroggo is a teifling rogue(3)/warlock (1). Deshuul is my phase penguin (based off from phase spider I believe?). Deshuul is the only remnant I have left of my master, after my sister attacked and burned the monetary.


I'm sorry that I am leaving you this note, but I don't know how to say this to your face, and I fear that you would try to follow me. When we were in Brakken with the elf and the warforged, you named me your friend. I can't reciprocate this friendship though. I don't even want to yet… Because those who are precious to me suffer in ways that no one should ever be subjected to. I walk this lonely road that my sister has set me upon. I will trudge on with Deshuul (penguin animal companion) until one of us can go no further, or until my sister answers for her heinous transgressions against those that I have loved.

My sister is a vile and twisted soul with more battle prowess than I will ever posses, however this is not why I fear her. You saw her in the vision that we shared with Kalista. Perhaps you remember her demeanor. She was born with sadistic treachery inside of her, and she has spent 700 years mastering her form of "art." Do you recall the way she spoke? It was soft and welcoming in a way. That is how she works. She greets me with a smile as she prepares machinations of my suffering. She is patient, and she knows that the deepest wounds are not inflicted with any kind of blade. She has made it her mission to break me. I truly believe that she will not rest until I have taken my own life, and up until now my own spite is the only reason she hasn't won. Since we shared that vision, it became clear to me that stepping into this world above the underdark will not save me from my birthright of pain. Pain is a funny thing in its own way. Once you are accustomed to it, you may conquer it. But when you are given a reprieve, and pain is a memory rather than a sensation, that is when you become the most vulnerable.

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I am going back to Uth' Nasa. I need to visit the ruins of my masters monastery where I will pray to our god, Albastrea. Then I am going to sneak into town with my newfound strength, and I will find my smile while I watch her burn to death in our childhood home. After I have conquered my demons, I will return to you and we can truly be friends. If I fail in my task, then I hope that we can meet again in the hells some day.


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