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Anon gets lucky

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be me

savage worlds/deadlands campaign with several other people

first time playing savage worlds, let alone deadlands

fascinated by huckster (basically a poker wizard who gambles for magic)

go all in on the gambling part

take the Lucky edge at creation to fit the theme


Luck-based builds are always a good shout no matter the game

fuck it

enter Edvard, an insane German dentist who believes he is the luckiest man alive

Gm likes the idea, but I can tell he thinks it will be Ironic

think it will be too

Basically a suicide character

think it’ll be laugh anyways

Several sessions come and go

Really enjoying them

Edvard is miraculously loads luckier than expected

Does not experience a wound for a near 8-session streak

Gets close occasionally

Nearly hung by a mob of Mexican people while the party fights a big fucking octopus

Still somehow pulls success out of his ass at every turn

Get advancements over time


Get ‘Extra Lucky’ and ‘Danger Sense’ Edges over time

(keep that last one in mind, it comes in useful later)

Danger Sense makes it easier to be taken by surprise, and makes you able to turn the tables and act first if you’re lucky

and I am

i am the luckiest man alive

A few sessions later, Party gets involved in a spell

Spell goes mildly fucky


Edvard is miraculously unharmed

Explosion sets a vengeful prisoner free by mistake

Extra pissed at Ed because he invaded their mind for magic secrets

Only people who wake up quick enough to see what’s going on are Edvard and other party member Sword Guy, who Edvard has developed a strange fraternal bond with

Sword Guy sees prisoner pointing gun point blank at Ed

Gm starts talking about surprise and initiative


I remind the Gm I have Danger Sense, which gives me +2 to notice rolls to avoid being surprised

Hopefully trying to avert any surprise bonuses

Get the feeling that this is the end either way


think I’m delaying the inevitable

Roll Notice

Success with a raise

Check Danger Sense description


with a raise, I can act as if I had a joker

jokers can move whenever they want in savage worlds initiative

I am the Luckiest Man Alive

interrupt Prisoner’s turn to cast ‘Deflect’ spell

Roll Spellcasting

Success with TWO raises

I am the LUCKIEST man alive

prisoner gets -4 to hit me

Gm starting to sweat

I hear him tap in the shooting roll

Moment of silence as the party waits to hear what happened


Prisoner places gun to Edvard’s head

“Let’s see you dodge this, you lucky bastard!”





No Bullets

Initiative starts

Three of us draw 7s

just to make things even luckier

Sword guy moves first

Uses the Bolas he’s been waiting to use for ages

Prisoner incapacitated and confused

Don’t want to kill them (complicated harrowed shit)

Taxing 35mb brain for a one liner

“You made a mistake here, Mein Freund. It was not in the execution of your plan, nor the plan itself…”

“Your mistake was even thinking to cross me in the first place”

Prisoner and Gm just baffled

Still never taken a wound


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