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Anti-Spellcaster Magic Items – Balance Suggestions/Steal My Items

My PCs are coming up on the end of the campaign and I have been planning some items to help make the future encounters that build up to the end a bit more challenging. They're in the ruins of a dragonborn nation and the enemy they've been tasked with eliminating has been looting some odd magical items from the ruins of a once great dragonborn city. Here are a few items I have come up with that they might encounter:

Anti-Magic Grenade: Rare. A small metal orb with various runes and gems set into it. It was designed by an ancient group to combat arcane creatures and users. A user can use an action to throw (30ft range) or set as a proximity charge (with a 1 minute delay and a range of 10 feet from the orb required to set it off). Once thrown or set off via proximity detonation, an arcane explosive that drains arcane energy from targets in a 10 foot cube occurs, consuming spell slots. Requires an intelligence saving throw (DC 15).

  • Roll 2d6. On a fail, target loses that many spell slots, starting with the highest slots available. On a success, lose half of that, rounding down and starting with the highest slots available. Will only consume spell slots available.
  • Item is destroyed after use.
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Anti-Magic Generator: An arcane generator that occupies a 5 foot square. It is 3 feet wide and about 3 feet tall with a weight of ~100lbs. This generator when powered down looks like a dull purple crystal with runes and metal strapped around it. It takes 5 minutes to place and setup. Once setup, it pulses with brighter purple energy and has an area of effect of 60ft and can consume spells/anything that uses spell slots.

  • When a spell is cast (or ability that uses spell slots is used) in the area, roll a d20, with a DC 12 + 2 for every successful cast. On a success, the spell is cast and the generator does not catch the magic. On a fail, the generator consumes the magic and gains that damage type.
  • Once 4 spells are consumed, the generator releases the consumed magic is a 60 ft blast. DC 15 DEX saving throw. On fail, targets take 3d6 for each charge of spells consumed. Damage types can double (ex. fireball consumed twice, ice storm, call lightning would cause 6d6 fire, 3d6 ice, and 3d6 lightning). Spells without a damage type turn into force damage (transmutation, divination, enchantment, etc.).
  • After generator has expelled the built up arcane energy, it is down for 1d6 minutes before it can be used again unless a 5th level or higher spell is pumped into the generator to turn it back on. – While the generator is active, all cantrips fail automatically and do not count towards spells consumed by the device. This item can be dispelled with a spell such as Dispel Magic cast at a 5th level or a successful check (DC 15) if cast at a level lower than 5th level. If Dispel Magic is cast within the 60ft area, the spell must first succeed the DC save listed initially to cast.
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Necklace of Reflection: Very Rare, Requires Attunement. A simple looking bronze necklace with a large amber colored gem with several different gems surrounding it that are different colors. Has 3 charges.

  • When the attuned character is going to be hit by a spell or ability that uses spell slots (such as Divine Smite), can use a charge to reflect the energy at someone else within 10ft. The spell has no effect on the attuned character and the entire effect is instead dealt to the person on the end of the reflection. – On last charge used, roll a d20, on a 1 the item is destroyed.
  • Regains 1d3 charges at dawn.

I created these items to try to knock the paladin in the party down a peg (they have a tendency to walk up and immediately 2 shot powerful enemy NPCs and to make things more interesting for the PCs. I don't necessarily plan to use all of the items, but I like having them in my pocket for use. These are some of the first magical items I have homebrewed, please feel free to give feedback or steal them for your own campaign. Unfortunately I don't have any art for these items, I am not an artist.


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