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Any advice on building a Chaos themed civilization?

Content of the article: "Any advice on building a Chaos themed civilization?"

TL;DR: How do I design civilizations dedicated to chaos without making them either evil or simply a bunch of wilderness hermits?

I'm in the process of world building a setting that will, hopefully, be the source of several home brew campaigns. The general concept is that a millennium ago there was a massive war between the gods of chaos and those of law/order that resulted in an initially low-magic world that has been re-awakening over the subsequent 1000 years.

Prior to this cataclysm the world was dominated by an empire, inspired by Elic of Melnibone and the Melniboneans, that worshiped the chaos gods, and their descendants remain in the world as some of the major countries/cultures. Similarly, the overly lawful societies have left behind cultures more dedicated to Law.

One of the major themes I'm hoping to explore will be Chaos vs Order. It's easy to conceptualize Lawful societies, how an overly lawful society becomes fasciist. I'm wondering how to build the opposite: what does a culture dedicated to chaos in the extreme look like? Who makes the roads? How could there be a "coin of the realm?" How could individuals be safeguarded against aggressors is a systematic way? Or would there be other ways of infusing chaotic ideals into society? When I've seen other descriptions of this theme it usually looks more like "wilderness vs civilization." When I've looked to the Melniboneans, they're portrayed as a people more interested in killing/torturing, but they have a very rigid hierarchy and concept of strength.

The best I've come up this far is a stress on individuality: individual interests (guilds, wealthy families, temples) take interest in ensuring the safety of their neighborhoods in larger cities/settlements rather than relying on centralized governments. Works for building out a single city, but not a civilization.

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Looking forward to thoughts on this.

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