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Anyone ever let a player change arcane traditions or “multi-tradition”?

Content of the article: "Anyone ever let a player change arcane traditions or “multi-tradition”?"

I'm debating how to handle this. I have a player who is currently playing a necromancer, and is at about level 7.

He's thinking he may want to switch to abjuration.

In theory, I'm not against it. He's not a power gamer bent on ruining the game. I think he's just kinda losing interest in his arcane tradition.

I've come up with three basic approaches as to how we might make this transfer:

  1. He undergoes some kind of expensive, time-consuming, possibly harrowing ritual that will purge him of his necromantic knowledge (beyond mere academic learning, that is), and will allow him to switch over completely to abjuration. In simple terms, he'd do a thing, pay a fee, and then get to "transfer his credits" to a new "major."
  2. He stops gaining levels in necromancy, and starts gaining them in abjuration. The catch would be that he would have to gain two levels before the abjuration abilities kick in. This would be handled mechanically by him going up a level but not gaining any spells or abilities (just HP and Prof. Bonus if he gets to a level where that changes). On his next level-up, he'd gain the level 2 abjuration abilities. In essence, he'd be "multi-sub-classing."

  3. Nothing changes, but he focuses his spell acquisition and preparation on abjuration spells, without getting a bonus.

His background (he's a svirfnebiln who was enslaved by the drow until he escaped) makes his necromantic focus make sense. (He basically learned by studying his master and that was his only source of magical learning.) As he's been more exposed to the world, he's come to see the benefit of other abilities, especially for his own purposes (he wants to prevent himself from ever being enslaved again).

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But I'm trying to think of a way to do this that won't considerably unbalance the game. Has anyone else ever dealt with this, and if so, how'd you handle it?

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