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Archer Magical Item

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I've got a fighter in my game who likes to use his bow, i wanted to introduce a magical item for him to be able to get some utility out of it as well but not game breaking or overpowered, just small magical effects to get more use out of it, and to make him feel cool when using it, here's what I've come up with so far, i would love feedback.

Arrows of Magic Utility(10)

10 arrows of various magical effects, One of the three magical effects can be applied to the arrow, After firing each arrow a 1d12 is rolled, if a 1 is rolled the arrow breaks. Once a arrow is used the arrow can no longer be used with a magical effect that day, the use of this is regained at the end of a long rest


Ring of Utility Arrows

This ring can endow an arrow drawn on a bow with 1 of three magical effects, each effect takes 1 charge and the ring has three charges, with all expended charges being regained at the end of a long rest.

  1. Rope Arrow – Once the arrow hits a surface of at most 50 ft. away a rope springs forth from the location the arrow landed melded with the wall, the other end melds with the floor, wall, or ceiling at your location. If the arrow lands more than 50 foot away a 50ft. rope springs forth from the location the arrow landed and the merged with the wall, the rest acting as a rope normally would. This rope can hold up to 600lb without snapping, The rope lasts 12 hours
  2. Stalker Arrow – The location of the person hit with the arrow will be known by the person who holds the bow that shot the arrow for 24 hours
  3. Flare Arrow – When this arrow hits something or 6 seconds pass a ball of light is released for another 6 seconds, this light isn’t blinding and lights up an area of 60ft. Centred on the arrow, the arrow makes a loud booming noise that can be heard up to 300ft. away
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I would also love to hear more creative names for the items and whether they seem to overpowered or not. First time dm so dont be too mean. And what would you imagine the rarity and price of this would be.

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