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Archfey Deal Ideas!

Hey guys!

So I'm hoping you could help me with some ideas. I've got a Royal Family, elven, who rule a country and have done so for a very very long time now. However all women born from the original Queen are cursed with 'The Galliard Malady'. An incurable heart disease. Over time and history, the true origin of this disease has been lost to time, no magic can fix it and no doctor can figure out what's wrong.

Now the Malady has certain symptoms:

– Weak heart, when under severe stress and fear, the victim suffers a minor version of a heart attack.

– The victim has a limited lifespan (the oldest living female Galliard reached 50).

– Fatigue, weakness and exhaustion.

This is so far what I have as to what's really going on.

One of the first Galliard Queen's made a deal with an Archfey to either save someone she loved or something that the Archfey may have taken too literally (I give you my heart, etc…). And the Archfey, since then, has taken the heart of every single female descendant of this Queen.

For example, when the woman has these stressful moments and her heart beats quicker, it's like a bell ringing in the Archfey's mind as she basically just wants to quickly check up on the heart, make sure it's still healthy and 'ripe'. So when they're having a 'heart attack' after a failed save against being frightened or so on, it's not a heart attack, it's the Archfey literally plucking the organ from the person and checking that it's still good before putting it back.

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This Archfey only collects the hearts when they're fully ripe which depends on the person, hence why the age range a Galliard has to live is completely varied.

Anyway, what I need help with is maybe further ideas if you have any but also what the deal with the Archfey was and why it is still affecting them all these years later!

Thank you all!!

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