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Are Aberrant Mind and Clockwork Soul Too Good?

Content of the article: "Are Aberrant Mind and Clockwork Soul Too Good?"

Despite the popular opinion that sorcerers often feel limited by their extremely small number of spells known, Tasha's doesn't include any rules for giving previously published sorcerous origins any additional spells known. Okay, fair enough, the game designers still want them to be one-trick specialists who have to really lean into a handful of builds in order to feel strong and competent.

Oh wait, no. Check out both the Aberrant Mind and Clockwork Soul sorcerous origins. They each get 10 or 11 *bonus* spells over the first nine levels (the level range where most games occur) which effectively doubles their spells known.

Not a big deal, they have to pick from a curated list of spells that may or may not be all that useful. Also nope. They can swap them out for better spells, either for Abjuration and Transmutation (Clockwork Soul) spells or Divination/Enchantment (Aberrant Mind) spells from the sorcerer/warlock/wizard spell lists. Either of those provide the flexibility to pick from a generous list of useful spells (that includes spells which sorcerers normally never get) while still having all your regular sorcerer spells known to fill in the gaps.

Those two origins are now the best and most powerful sorcerer origins, in my opinion. So much so it feels unfair to all the rest. As long as you're willing to give up the thematic sorcerous origin features you actually wanted for those that Aberrant Mind or Clockwork Soul provide, you're vastly increasing your pool of spells known which allows you to be more than a one-trick pony. To test this, I tried rebuilding a Storm Sorcery sorcerer I'm currently playing as a Clockwork Soul and he can actually take all the spells I never would've been able to either fit in or justify. It's a bit depressing.

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I offer no solutions, I just wanted to point out the huge discrepancy in power level that now exists between Tasha's sorcerous origins and all the previous ones.

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