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Are there actual rules on how to make healing potions?

Content of the article: "Are there actual rules on how to make healing potions?"

I’m looking for rules that shows the process for crafting and the dc checks needed to make a healing potion of any level. Not just a potion takes 1 day and costs 25gp. If there isn’t one I have made something. I have not tested it yet and it may need to be adjusted later. Also it’s supposed to be a homebrew rule that makes it a lot harder for a player to make potions. Any opinions on my rule is welcome also.

Potion craft (requires proficiency with an herbalism kit)

To craft a potion a player must buy or scavenge the materials required for the potion equal to the gold cost listed below.

A player can either find the materials in untouched nature equal to 10gp worth of materials per 2 hours searched, add or reduce time requirements based on a dc 15 investigation check. The dm may determine other factors that affect the dc such as weather or environment. A player may also purchase any required components in a suitable town, store, trader, exc. (dm discretion) and cost may very.

Crafting a basic healing potion is a dc 15 check using an herbalism kit and increases by 5 for every higher level potion (see chart below). For every 10 potions crafted the dc is reduced by 1 to a max reduction of 10 for all healing potions. Factors such as crafting environment may affect the dc requirement at dm discretion. For failed checks some of the materials are waisted and need to be replaced (dm determined gold cost of waisted materials). After the materials are replaced make another crafting check with the same dc.

Potion type Healing potion 2d4+2, 1 day to craft, 25gp Greater healing 4d4+4, 1 week to craft, 100gp Superior healing 8d4+8, 3 weeks to craft, 1,00gp Supreme healing 10d4+20, 4 weeks to craft 10,000gp

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