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Artificer, new player-not sure what subclass to choose. (armorer seems weak or slow?)

Content of the article: "Artificer, new player-not sure what subclass to choose. (armorer seems weak or slow?)"

Playing a centaur artificer. About to hit level 3 and have to choose a subclass. Using a shield+javelins in combat, sometimes I switch it up with hooves or shocking grasp.

The party is light on healing(there is no spell healing besides me with cure wounds). 2 rogues, a warlock, a barbarian, and an artificer(me).

The campaign might end soon, so stronger now might be better than stronger late game. I think it's a pre-published session? Waterdeep, just got possession of a haunted tavern from a guy as payment for finding his kidnapped friend. Antagonists seem like they will be either or both of two gangs? Maybe there are the tadpole brain eater things involved independently? If that should effect my choices any. I'm deliberately not trying to hunt down anything so I don't end up circumventing the DM with knowledge he hasn't given us.

For subclasses I've got:

Alchemist: Not really interested, but probably the best healer? Especially with the armor of tools UA infusion+alchemical savant? The randomness doesn't appeal to me with experimental elixers.

Battle Smith: Steel defender looks kinda fun and useful? A somewhat disposable pool of melee hit points would be a benefit. Arcane Jolt might be some nice flexibility.

Artillerist: Leaning towards this. The cannons are cool thematically, and the protector cannon looks like it could mitigate a lot of damage-minimizing the lack of a healer we have. I'm leaning towards a firearm theme for my character, so it would fit. I'd probably reskin the cannons to a larger size, for the image of a centaur pulling a cannon behind it. The arcane firearm seems neat and useful. I wish it worked for heals too(like arcane jolt), but oh well. It seems the most powerful early to my rookie eye.

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Armorer: Mixed feelings. The guardian fists imposing disadvantage is cool, and so is the temporary hit points. But it'll take a while for it to outpace the protector cannon, and only for myself. And what's the point of the infiltrator? The flavor of it seems cool, but the lightning launcher doesn't seem like it scales much-especially compared to the artillerist getting multiple cannons. Neither do the guardian fists, but when you're obviously a tank, that matters less. The two extra infusions are nice, but seem like a really passive boost that isn't very engaging.

Maverick seems more engaging than the armorer? But honestly as a new player I'm not sure I actually understand all the extra spell stuff. Or know the game well enough to choose the right spells. Artillerist seems more straightforward.

Forge adept doesn't really seem to get very much over the basic artificer or anything that really differentiates it from the other subclasses. Maybe you could game the "Perfect Weapon" +1d6/hit with feats or multiclassing? But that's a long time away. Runes of War seems kinda cool, but I'm not sure if it's interesting enough to take.

Any advice on what subclass to take? We're not taking combat super seriously with a mapped grid and obstacles, and checking line of sight/movement, just asking the DM "Hey is this room big enough I can melee beside the barbarian, or should I stay off to the side and throw javelins?".

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