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Artificers can now replicate any common magic item (except potions and scrolls). Here’s a list of common magic items from adventures and setting books.

Content of the article: "Artificers can now replicate any common magic item (except potions and scrolls). Here’s a list of common magic items from adventures and setting books."

In the latest errata for E:RftLW, the Replicate Magic Item infusion now allows artificers to replicate any common magic item (sans potions and scrolls), rather than just the ones from Xanathar's Guide. Below I have made a list of all common magic items that appear in official adventures and setting books. Note, of course, that some items make for better infusions than others.

Item Attunement Brief Description
Hoard of the Dragon Queen
Tankard of Plenty No Speak command word to fill with 3 pints of ale. (3/Day)
Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage
Chest of Preserving No Food and other perishables don't decay when stored inside. Dimensions: 2½ feet long, 1½ feet wide, and 1 foot tall.
Orb of Gonging No Use action to cause orb to loudly gong (audible from 600 ft.) each round until disabled as another action.
Ghosts of Saltmarsh
Pipe of Remembrance No When smoked, smoke forms shapes that reenact the smoker's most impressive achievements. (1/Day)
Pressure Capsule No Consumer ignores effects of swimming lower than 100 ft.
Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden
Lantern of Tracking No When lit, flame turns green when within 300 ft. of one specific creature type. Types include: Abberations, celestials, constructs, dragons, elementals, fey, fiends, giants, monstrosities, and undead.
Thermal Cube No Radiates heat (95° F) out to 15 feet.
Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica
Moodmark Paint No Face paint that reflects your mental state.
Eberron: Rising From the Last War
Armblade Yes (Warforged Only) A one handed melee weapon that attaches to a warforged's arm. Can use bonus action to retract or extend weapon.
Cleansing Stone No When touched, dirt and grime is removed from your garments and person.
Everbright Lantern No A lantern that requires no fuel, functions similar to the continual flame spell.
Feather Token No When falling at least 20 ft., descend 60 ft. per round and take no damage. After landing, token becomes inert.
Glamerweave No Magical clothing. Can use bonus action to create a moving illusory pattern within the cloth.
Imbued Wood Focus Yes A rod, staff, or wand used as a spellcasting focus. Gain a +1 bonus to damage rolls of spells that deal a damage type corresponding to the material used in the focus.
Keycharm Yes (Mark of Warding Only) When you cast alarm, arcane lock, or glyph of warding, you can tie the spell to the key. Whoever holds the key receives the alarm or bypasses the arcane lock or glyph of warding, and can end a tied spell.
Orb of Shielding Yes A spellcasting focus. When you take damage from a type associated with the material of the orb, can use reaction to reduce damage by 1d4.
Prosthetic Limb No replaces a hand, arm, foot, leg, or similar appendage. When attached, cannot be removed unless by the attached creature, and functions identically to original body part.
Scribe's Pen Yes (Mark of Scribing Only) Can write on any surface, can be invisible to all except those with the Mark of Scribing. Those with the mark can touch the writing and make it visible.
Shiftweave No Magical clothing. Use bonus action to switch between up to 5 different outfits.
Spellshard No A gem that can store up to 320 pages of text.
Wand Sheath Yes (Warforged Only) Allows a wand to be slotted into a warforged's arm. If the wand requires attunement, the wand and sheath share attunement slots.
Explorer's Guide to Wildemount
Breathing Bubble No When worn on the head like a helmet, provides 1 hour of breathable air. (1/Day)
Coin of Delving No Sheds 5-foot-radius dim light. When dropped more than 5 feet, rings melodiously. Anyone who hears it can determine the distance the coin was dropped.
Vox Seeker No Dinner plate sized clockwork resembling a metal crab. Must be wound, every action taken to wind allows operation for 1 minute, 10 minutes max. When activated, moves towards the nearest voice and attacks. (+2 to hit, 1d4 piercing + 3 lighting) Includes a stat block, is controlled by the DM.
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Here's my personal highlights from this table:

  • Chest of Preserving: While its dimensions are a bit cumbersome, it's helpful to have a cooler when you really need it.

  • Lantern of Tracking: While normally a lantern of tracking can only ever track one creature type, as an infusion, you simply need to create a new one at the end of your long rest, thus allowing you much more versatility than would otherwise be available to you.

  • Shiftweave: Useful for changelings needing additional outfits to help with their natural shapeshifting ability, and is overall good for social scenarios.

  • Vox Seeker: Admittedly not the most effective, but can cause havoc when unleashed on a crowd of low hp enemies like goblins. I also like that this allows a battle smith to have 3 construct companions, along with the steel defender and the homunculus servant. Remember to be silent around it, otherwise it'll attack you!

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