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as a DM, am i a bad player?

Content of the article: "as a DM, am i a bad player?"

hello everyone! ive been a DM for a couple of years now, and i have never been a player.i love to DM, i love writing my own stories, world and putting players into the worlds i create and see them explore it and have fun. and thats my main objective, have fun, i dont mind bending rules if i see a smile on a player seeing that he did something awesome (that was absolutely not intended or not legal) and i really dislike when players are not engaging with each other, or not thinking of what cool stuff to do, what out of the box solutions an encounter may have.

the thing is, one of my players wanted to be a DM and has been a DM a couple times, but never with me. and i thought yeah it would be awesome to be a player for once!

so i started being a player in a new campaign made by him, which was exciting for me and really fun, the thing is, at first i loved engaging with the other players as another player, roleplaying with them, and doing just fun, dumb stuff. but after a while i realized im engaging TOO much i always try to do something first, or think of awesome ideas to defeat an enemy by doing stuff outside the box. which i feel i am "DMing as a player" almost.

we find a cave with a werewolf inside? lets just blow up the entrance and trap it, starving him. is there an ice dragon that attacks the town every once in a while? lets make fire bombs or fire traps, maybe make a giant magical net so we trap it and we shoot it from afar. we want to kill an evil lord in his castle? lets befriend him, work for him, and poison him in his sleep.

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i do try to leave some space for the other players. but they dont think of anything, and just follow the DMs words and it just makes me a little sad, seeing how players are not exploring the world and getting excited for what the DM has come up for us. so i overcompensate by trying to carry on my back all of the players excitement.

and as for the DM, he tends to not get as excited for the stuff i say, i guess he is writing a story, and im just finding another solution and not doing what he thought would happen, making him do stuff he didnt intend or want to do as a DM;(which i would love if i was DMing, but i understand he likes to railroad players more)

and here is my question. am i a bad player? i wish all my players where as excited as i am to explore my worlds, but i can see that this DM is not enjoying some stuff i do. and i feel i am "DMing as a player" which i dont want to do.

edit 1: i do not metagame

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