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Asking for players intentions and banning spells from the table – help please!

Content of the article: "Asking for players intentions and banning spells from the table – help please!"

So. I have two questions:

  1. How often is it appropriate, or acceptable, to ask players for what their intentions are? So we ended the last session with the players walking into a city. Now I know that they want to buy some new threads and do some espionage but I sent a message after the session saying "fellas if there's anything you wanna do in the city please let me know!" One of my players, who is a more experienced DM than me, thought this was a bit odd. I sometimes ask for feedback too just to make sure everyone is still having fun (once every two months or so) too. Thoughts?
  2. Do y'all ban certain spells from the table? One of my players (who I've given A LOT of preferential treatment to. He's the newest at the table, his character sucked initially so we re-worked it together and I gave him some handicaps so that he could enjoy the game too) wanted "slow". I looked at it and asked him to choose something else. Our battlefields are teenie tiny as is and slow is, if I'm understanding right, OP as fuck and completely neuters my ability to do anything. If I were a better, more experienced, DM maybe I would be able to counter this but tbh I would just rather not have to contend with this. Or hell, if I had more time I could work around it but I'm a busy guy as it is. The more experienced DM replied saying OP is a legal spell and I should allow it. Thoughts?

Thanks again.

EDIT: Lots of people have reminded me that slow is a concentration spell and I could just hit him. So this player was having a miserable time in combat and playing so we reworked his character. He took the "lucky" feat and also has mirror image (which isn't a concentration spell! Crazy!) so yeah, hitting him isn't as easy as it sounds.

I'm also against just upping the wisdom of all the monsters we come across. That feels like I'm tilting the tables against him unfairly. I could throw more monsters with higher wisdom at him though…

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