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Asking players to change classes to help facilitate RP

Content of the article: "Asking players to change classes to help facilitate RP"

Right up front, I know the first thing I should do is talk to the players in question, I'm aware of this, and I'll get around to it. This is more theorizing than anything.

I am currently running a newish group through Lost Mine before we start heading other places, more than likely through more published adventures with a small hook to tie things together.

I have a Ranger who is playing Chaotic Neutral as "Asshole who thinks about betraying the party too much", a Bard with 18 Cha who never talks, like at all, a Wizard who took evocation school but hasn't taken any AoE spells, and my savior (my brother), the only one who's played more than a little bit, a minotuar barbarian with 10 cha and 8 int who is doing all the talking and RP.

The Ranger I can deal with, I had a long standing player years ago who didn't similar stuff, though the wanting to betray the party has us all a little annoyed. All in all she's playing her class fine, just bad at the RP. Her favored enemy is undead and she wouldn't get close enough to the tower at Old Owl Well to trigger the zombies even though I repeatedly whispered to her that her spidey sense was tingling.

The Wizard I think could stand a change of class just to be a bit more powerful, something the group could use. He took evocations school and a bunch of spells that have one target. Maybe it's as simple as changing a spell list? Maybe he needs to be a Warlock?

The Bard is where lots of my trouble lies. He just doesn't even attempt to talk to any NPC, ever. The Barbarian always waits and waits until finally he realizes he needs to speak up for us to get anywhere. The Bard is a good buddy, who loves metal and has a deal, twisted sense of humor. I think I might be able to break him out of his she'll if I got him to play a cleric of a death god. I think it might give him room to RO in that space. As it is, he's a generic bard with a lute and that's all we really know about him.

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The Barbarian I really think could stand to have a change of class to some sort of martial, law and order class. He's taken a liking to Sidlar Hallwinter and is seriously considering joining the Lord's Alliance. He RPs as a protector, and I want his character in combat to reflect that more. As it stands hes a barbarian who rushes into things to get combat started because my other players are cautious AF. He'll get surrounded and then the other players have to try and keep him alive with support.

TLDR – Would you be willing to change a players class to help better fit their RP and/or Combat style to help things go more smoothly?

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