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Atleast let your players plans go off (RANT)

Content of the article: "Atleast let your players plans go off (RANT)"

So this isn't the first time this has happened but my DM has some how gotten into this habit of repeatedly asking us to make plans and even going so far as giving us resources to set up traps, plans, events etc. on our party's terms. They even encourage us to talk and discuss things out of game so that we can finalize things in game. This sometimes even goes over multiple sessions. During these discussions they chime in giving us support and clarify things. Basically, they give us the impression that "yeah this is a good plan. I really like it". Basically giving us the green light. Then it comes time to execute the idea and nothing….

Its always something "well he (the NPC hired for this purpose) doesn't like you and you didn't pay him enough", "the world doesn't work that way, why would I do that", or the worst was "well he knows you're there and it doesn't work" with no skill checks/rolls anything just DM fiat.

That last hour of the session before, 3 hours of this session, and all the talk in chat to build this event up just to not do it. Why even bother? Why encourage us to set this up? It's just a waste of game time and out of game time if we never even get a chance. It just leaves the rest of the session deflated and no one really knows what to do or wants to do anything after because we are kind of left guessing as to what we were supposed to do to figure this out. I wouldn't care if it didn't work. I care that we spent all this time only to have it be ignored. Why ask for our input or ask what we propose to do about a problem? Why encourage us and spend in game resources just to never give us a chance. Like this last session has left a bad taste in my mouth and looking back Ive kinda seen this is a pattern.

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I don't know. I'm going to keep playing but man I really feel defeated and this sucks. DMs, let your players plans atleast be triggered. Who cares if they don't work (you always have the power to ensure that) but make it atleast seems like we had a chance.

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