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Awakened chickens, resentment, and resolve

Content of the article: "Awakened chickens, resentment, and resolve"

be me, DMing a multi-actual-year campaign bringing a party from level 1 to as close to 20 as I can

be not me:

a dwarf barbarian / fighter

a tiefling alchemist / gunslinger / rogue

a half-elf bard

a yewheart (treant) druid

a tortle light cleric, who then died heroically and was replaced by a warforged evocation wizard

a gold dragonborn zealot barbarian… generally CN but occasionally tended towards CE

middle of the campaign, party has found zealot barbarian floating on driftwood out on the open sea whilst traveling to a rumored island, not found on any charts.

(This is how the zealot barb came into the game, and also how I introduced warforged when the Eberron supplement was released for 5e)

party is somewhere around level 11-12

party saves the island, befriend the warforged inhabitants.

warforged send an emissary back to the mainland to establish a port for their skyships

zealot barb “accidentally” raids a farmer’s property and eats a chicken.


guilt stricken, he spends some downtime using his gold to acquire several hundred chickens to deliver to the farmer

chickens overrun the town and the nearby forest.

actually considered a pest creature after several months

zealot finds a chicken he likes and tries to befriend and train it

several sessions and levels later, druid has awaken

zealot gets druid to awaken the chicken

zealot has local blacksmith make chicken armor and weapons

chicken is named Stabby

pic related

warforged emissary begins work on skyport, tell the party of rumors of an old Warforged skyship lost centuries ago during storms off of the coast of Waterdeep

was a previous emissary

find the ship and the big arcane crystal that powers it, and maybe we can make you a new one.

party sets off

zealot brings the chicken

cleric using Find the Path

leads them right to a Slaad warren.

leave the chicken to protect the cart and horses

try to sneak through warren

doesn’t work

gunslinger fires a gun in a cave system, echoing. Hundreds of slaad now alerted to your presence


some combat.

who just showed up?

a Glabrezu


he goes down pretty quick with focus fire tactics

party escapes the warrens, having noped the fuck out of there.

glabrezu returns.


ok, seriously, we out.

druid with the transport via plants for the win

left the chicken and the wagon

literally goddamn near a year later in real time and like eight months in game

zealot has had a repentance arc

party has new threat to all of Sword Coast

demon army

party has called for old favors.

Warforged island sending airships and riflemen

zealot asks cleric to cast sending to Stabby, the chicken

Stabby is pissed he’s been left in the forest for months

cleric tells zealot the chicken is fine and happy

demon army advancing through High Forest

about to be a problem for druids progenitor, the Mother Tree

go there

cleric has successful use of Divine Intervention

banishes something like five hundred demons

all that’s left are the generals

a baalor, a marilith, and a homebrewed corrupted fey treant now turned demon

corrupted treant trying to corrupt Mother Tree

marilith sees cleric banish several hundred demons

he’s a threat

she teleports behind him, standing by himself anyway

he gets the full brunt of her attacks


he’s dead

close fight, but party ultimately defeats generals, but the corrupted treant escaped

bury the dead and mourn their losses

return home

meet warforged wizard, out searching the world for lost warforged.

he joins party, why not.

skyport pretty much finished

“hey did you guys ever find that downed airship?”

oh shit, we forgot

there might be lost warforged on it!

wizards all about it

transport via plants

wizard uses diplomacy to tell slaad to bring party to their boss

gonna bargain with a glabrezu

second part of cave system is much different

extremity smooth walls

a gallery full of petrified people and creatures.

all have slightly cracked necks

druid doesn’t notice

casts greater restoration

kills a man


keep going through new place

find an old crashed airship in a cavern, mostly extremely smooth walls

wall by airship seems collapsed

dozens of five foot holes in the ceiling

party calls out to bargain

boss eventually shows himself

it’s a beholder.

party hates me.

thing is, content was designed for like the party being level 12-ish

now I have to supe it up

beholder is a paragon, in a state of flux between life and undeath

it’s basically a death tyrant and a beholder and keeps vacillating between both in the throes of its insanity

two HP pools, 2 sets of legendary actions, 5 legendary resists, and control of its eye rays because I think rolling for them kills the danger of the creature

beholder is also feeding off of the power crystals for the sky ship

was powered up anyway in original encounter

probably also why he’s stuck in a state of flux

also, dropping out of the ceiling is…

the glabrezu

has a great hammer that lets him sort of earth-bend

it might be basically just Gideon

there’s a fight

beholder is doing a lot of damage

glabrezu is basically a glass cannon, gets killed pretty quick

glabrezu is beholder’s servant, lieutenant

is bound to the chamber

before death, glabrezu is teleported and reforms at summoning circle

glabrezu uses totally-not-Gideon to cast Bones of the Earth

gunslinger, who has already taken several hits after dealing several crits, is stuck between a pillar and the domed ceiling of the chamber

gunslinger gets hit by a death ray

Killed another PC

group kills the beholder and kills the glabrezu and snuffs it’s summoning circle

airship still technically works

found the warforged crew and some cool treasure

druid reincarnates gunslinger, I had gunslinger roll and used this table

he’s a dope-ass blood red lizardman now

party figures out how to use various spells and the hammer to clear a hole in the side of the mountain to float the not-quite derelict airship out

zealot barb and druid both decide to go find Stabby, but separately

druid finds the chicken

druid grabs remarkably angry chicken with weather and beat chicken armor by the neck

stabs the chicken with a dagger of venom he had

chicken is dead

druid reincarnates chicken

had him roll on same table

Stabby is now a drow elf

Stabby is pissed, confused, and terrified

druid nat 20’s to convince Stabby that the whole party is various awakened animals that have been reincarnated as various peoples.

he brings Stabby the naked drow elf back to the party

gives Stabby the dagger of venom

fighter/barb is giving Stabby some gear

they want him to join the party

now I have to stat Stabby the drow elf.

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