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Backing up the post about animosity toward human fighters, sharing my thoughts with r/dndnext

Content of the article: "Backing up the post about animosity toward human fighters, sharing my thoughts with r/dndnext"

You can play a half-orc barbarian, a tiefling warlock, a gnome wizard, or a human fighter. None of those are in ANY way boring choices. Nor is one immediately interesting just for being a firbolg monk, dragonborn artificer or gnome paladin. It's up to you to make your character fucking AWESOME.

One of my best (and unintentionally most tragic) characters is a human fighter that I made soley for one shots. I mostly play fighters, so I figured I'd spend most of my one shots coming up with all sorts of different fighters, using variant human to make different builds. So I decided to make a reusable character, that could change fighter builds every time and be low level over and over again realistically.

Brand. Not actually named Brand, Brand is a human fighter who suffers from a unique memory disorder. Every few times he wakes up, he'll lose all of his memories. He has a basic understanding of the world, and knows common. But he can fight. THAT. He can remember. And he can fight well. "Brand" comes from the fact that his name is branded into his arm, but it's been scarred over from wear and tear, so he just calls himself by what's on his arm. The Brand.

I found out he was incredibly tragic when 1. My DM looked at my "Bonds" section, and saw "The only memories I have are a family on a boat (sailor background), but all the faces are blank.", and 2. During a one shot Brand and one of my friend's NPC's Tahlia had a very good connection. At the end, Tahlia kissed Brand on the cheek, and out of character my friend asked if maybe this would be the one thing Brand would remember. I responded "He'll probably remember it, but the face will be blank, and he won't remember Tahlia"

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And that's when I found out he was absolutely tragic, and I had no idea until those two events. But also, despite just being another human fighter, he was fucking rad. And he's in my top 5 PC's I've ever made, and he hasn't even been in a campaign before. Human fighters aren't boring. Boring characters are boring. Fight on, human.

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