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Bag of Holding + Box too Big + Reduce Spell = Fits… but then what.

Content of the article: "Bag of Holding + Box too Big + Reduce Spell = Fits… but then what."

Hey Gang, My DM gave us a large box (3ftx3ftx3ft) of plot hooks (some paintings of cities from other PCs backstory) which our Rouge found while sneaking off and wanted to put into the bag of holding our sorcerer was carrying. Upon the two successfully sneaking away, from the guards speaking with our other party members, they found the box was too big to fit in the 2ft opening of the bag of holding. As time was pressing and both characters aren't our smartest party members (Sorc INT = 8) the sorcerer cast enlarge/reduce to shrink the box down and place into the bag, no immediate issues.

Now there is a bit of debate within our group though about how we can get the box out without tearing the bag. The sorcerer character thought they could just cast reduce on the box again before pulling it out, but other players are saying you can't cast it on the box as its in another plane/dimension and can't be seen (RAW requires visual on target of spell) I think they could cast enlarge on the BoH and pull it out no troubles, but again there is uncertainty, some people believe that wouldn't change the size of opening that actually connects the dimension and would rip the bag sending everything inside into the astral plane. Turning the bag inside was discussed but no one knows for sure the specific mechanics on that. Is it the things come from the mouth still (like they're coming out from the outside layer of the bag through the opening, as such box would still not fit) or if when you turn it everything starts appearing on top of the bag as it folding out of it demension and appearing all 64 cubic feet in a pile with the bag beneath it inside out no opening so to speak.

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Can anyone provide me with some answers to how the above mechanics might work, other creative solutions to get this box out, or to any Dms out there, how they would work this out.

Also wondering…. what if in future the sorc were to cast it on something bigger, say a 6x6x6 box, or a large creature. Once the reduce spell ends after 1 min the box would increase back to its size damaging the inside of the bag causing it to tear yes?

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