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Battlemage Build Help (5e)

Hello my fellow adventurers,

I’ve been trying to figure out the perfect combination to get a wizard/sorcerer into the front lines. Cleric could also be a good option but I would really like access to arcane magic, not just divine. So you could go divine soul sorcerer to make up for that, but again squishy. Now in my mind a battlemage isn’t someone with a big heavy weapon augmented by magic, but a pure spell caster who has the ability to wade into battle and still hold their own while tossing spells. Melee spell attacks or AOE’s like burning hands come to mind with this character.

So the problem is, how to make a wizard/sorcerer who can wade into battle and not just get obliterated? I have some build ideas but I’m not sure exactly which way to go, or if there is something I haven’t thought of yet.

RACE I’ve been going back and forth between: Half-elf, variant human/custom (from Tasha’s for extra feat), or warforged. Half-elf if we go high elf variant will give an extra cantrip, which helps to work in the extra spell, if we go one of the feat giving races we can take fey touched from tasha’s which gives access to misty step and another extra spell plus that +1 to either CHA or INT, depending on wizard or sorcerer, and then Warforged gives a really helpful +1 to AC, which high AC is something we really want

STATS So using point buy we have 3 stat arrays, just depending on what race we go with:

Half Elf (definitely better for sorcerer then wizard) STR 15 +1 DEX 10 CON 15 +1 INT 8 WIS 8 CHA 14 +2

Warforged STR 15 DEX 10 CON 14 +2 INT/CHA 15 +1 WIS 8 CHA/INT 8 (CHA and INT would swap based on wizard vs sorcerer)

CUSTOM STR 15 DEX 10 CON 14 +2 INT/CHA 15 +1 (From fey touched feat) WIS 8 CHA/INT 8 Strength has to be at 15 to give access to plate armor, the only other option is to bring DEX up to 14 and then bump another dump stat to 10 and that would give max benefit to half-plate, but we want as much AC as possible

Build 1: Paladin 2/Sorcerer 18 I’d go Divine Soul sorcerer, for access to the cleric spell list Gives access to Heavy Armor Smites give you extra versatility if you need to blast someone really quick or they get to close. 18 AC at level 1 (chain + shield) 19 AC if you go warforged Take defensive fighting at level 2 for another +1 19/20AC by level 2, isn’t bad, then take shield as a first level spell, and boom up to 25 AC by level 3

Build 2: Paladin 3/Sorcerer 17 This is just slightly different for the tashas Harness Divine Power, which basically lets me get a free spell slot once per day I would however lose out on the last sorcerous origin feature

Build 3: Fighter 2/Wizard 18 Probably go war wizard here, abjuration is interesting as well but I think war wizard would be more helpful giving bumps to AC, initiative, and a little extra damage Heavy Armor Action surge, this is the main appeal, being able to cast 2 spells in 1 turn using action surge, but it being only once per rest is what makes it not super exciting for me Second wind does provide a little bit of health recovery, but it’s only 1d10+2 on this build so not super useful Defensive fighting style for +1 AC The benefit of this one is that we get way more spells through wizard, and can increase our AC through war wizard. However we don’t get access to cleric spells, or smites so this won’t have melee as a backup

These are kind of my main thoughts so far. Sorry for it kinda being a word vomit, I tried to organize my thoughts effectively. Please any advice would be amazing, I don’t play in a lot of high level campaigns so I’ll probably be playing around level 5 or so, so high level abilities aren’t a big deal for me.


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