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Beginnings of a pyromaniac party

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First campaign, it’s being run on discord and it’s been quite a fucking ride

be me, first time player, tiefling monk, with first time dm running storm king’s thunder

be not me, dragonborn rogue, warforged barbarian, fallen aasimar paladin and elf wizard

wizard and barb are experienced players, rogue is “sometimes problematic” as described by dm who’s played with him prior, and paladin is a new player like me

party arrives one by one at crossroads

everyone who isn’t me or the barbarian immediately start bickering in game

party decides to travel together despite none of us trusting one another (me and barb are chill tho)

arrive at deserted, destroyed town

immediately ambushed by goblins and worgs

first time in combat and i get crit by a worg and dropped to 4 hp

roll like shit on my turn, miss attacks, paladin is taunting me for missing and i’m barely alive

finish combat, hear a voice

friendly, common-speaking goblin is tied up and asking for help

paladin immediately begins threatening to sever limbs

convince him not to, get introduced to helpful npc who heals me

rest up

fast forward

we’re at a windmill

barb goes inside windmill

two goblins are in the rafters throwing rocks or toys or something at him

barb devises a strategy to get to them and begins climbing

rogue decides to drop a can of oil and light the fucking windmill on fire

everyone gets outside and asks him what the fuck he was doing

”thought it would make things interesting”

avrae d&d bot is typing…

20 fucking goblins and 3 worgs added to combat

”roll initiative”

motherfucking rogue set off a smoke signal in the middle of the town and now we’re being attacked by every possible ambush we could have run in to

combat happens

i do some things

wizard kicks ass

i’m doing okay but low on health, combat is coming to a close soon

decide to fly to other side of a destroyed bridge that leads to a keep for safety (winged variant)

arrive at keep

party catches up

plot happens

leave keep to look for missing townsfolk

i scout ahead and see some mercenaries attempting to take over town

wizard charms one of them to get more info

charmed merc lowers drawbridge outside of city for us

wizard hands me a torch and tells me to run to a building across town and light it up

”we need a diversion, then we’ll book it”

mfw we’ve been in this town for less than 24 hours and we’re about to burn down our second building

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