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Best Use of DM Character

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Be me, Level 10 'spergy Drow Druid in Wildemount campaign. Sprung from a one-shot.

Be not me: Tiefling Echo Knight, Human Rogue, Goblin Barbarian, and DM.

DM loves his DM Player Characters, has Minotaur Cleric in our party. Known to the party as "Cow Mom".

Cowmom always warm and sweet, characters nicely rib on her.

DM characters aren't self-insert and helpful. DM's a cool dude, so can't complain too much.

DM, however, sometimes has habit of having those characters taking more initiative to move certain things along.

 >I.E. Party has to storm room to get a dude captured alive. While still discussing possibilities, DM has Cowmom take head with her idea. 

Despite this, Campaign is fun and with good amount of freedom.

Be us, heading down across the Wastes to find and stop Undead Lich cultists.

We have "Instant Fortress" we can use whenever for some safety.

DM rolls for each day to see what we encounter.

Everything goes well relatively.

Next day, DM rolls for possible encounter. Gets a Gorgon.

DM: "Oh no"

DM not entirely prepared for something this strong for the party.

Gorgon's getting closer, everyone scurrying to figure out plan of action.

We realize we don't have any plans.

Can't talk down Gorgon as Druid as I once did with two Griffins. Party can't think how to best go around or avoid, ready for combat head-on as last case scenario.

DM kinda afraid we might get TPK

DM gets idea: Makes rolls as a "What if" to see if it'd even work. We hear from his end, "HOLY SHIT".

In midst of arguing, Cowmom throws instant fortress into the air.

Makes the Athletics check.

Cowmom shouts command word. Boom Instant Fortress

Gorgon goes for Dex save. Nope!

Gorgon gets squashed like Wicked Witch of the West. Instant KO

Entire party stunned, in and out of character, including DM.

Jaws dropped, can only mutter "Holy Shit" in-between maniacal laughs.

Ain't even mad DM had us avoid encounter. That was sick!

Best use of DM Character ever seen.

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