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Best way to communicate exposition in a session without it becoming a lengthy ‘story time’

Content of the article: "Best way to communicate exposition in a session without it becoming a lengthy ‘story time’"

In the next session I am DMing (tomorrow lol), I need to communicate a fair bit of exposition to the players. It's basically the history of a Dragon's relationship with a specific city over 800 years (It has a lot of time skips of many hundred years). It links in to an NPC that's still around in the current day, and will be a point of interest 'BBEG' to the party following an event that happened last session (An assassin saying that "Vampire NPC sends their regards" when stabbing someone)

Basically the town founders (ancestors of the current ruler) thwarted the evil NPC from stealing a dragon egg, the town raised the dragon for a bit, then it came back occasionally to save the town, until it didn't, so the town forgot about the dragon, and then one day the dragon DID come back but the town was taken over by an evil cult that tried to kill said dragon and severely wounded it. Also that evil NPC is still pissy for some reason and at some point became a vampire (not known by the current ruler of said city who is reciting the tale) but remarks the name and appearance is the same as the towns historical records so they're suspicious. The dragon is important as the town ruler believes the appearance of a Dragonborn PC of the same colour as the dragon that they wronged, having the descendant of one of the NPC's who was instrumental in the attack on that dragon is fate, and they give the PC the weapon used to attack the dragon, so that the town can be vindicated.

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I wrote out a fairly substantial narrative on those events (its not super in-depth or bookish), but am now wondering the best way for this to be communicated to the players in session by NPC(s), without it being a boring exposition dump or a rubbish summary that doesn't do the story justice.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, and I'm interested to know peoples thoughts on this

Thank you 🙂

TLDR; Title. I need to communicate in game a substantive plot-essential narrative to players in an interesting way

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