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Best way to handle upcoming session

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Hey fellow DMs. I have a conundrum.

My party just murdered a noble. Now, this wasn't a "he looked at me funny so they must die lolchaoticneutral" kind of murdered. They found evidence that this person had been capturing people and using them as fertilizer to grow a species of invasive vine, in order to grow grapes to make wine from them. The grapes of these vines would bestow properties of the people used as fertilizer onto the drinker too. The noble in question had also been possessed by the ghost of an ancient spirit who was trying to use the vines to bring destruction to the island theyre on. He had been possessed voluntarily, but the party dont know this.

Right now they're still at the crimes scene but are planning to move on. There's talk of them going to authorities about this nobles actions to try and sort this out, but also of just leaving. I have two plans in this event.

  1. They tell the authorities. They're asked to wait while investigators determine the truth of their claims. What follows is questions are asked and the party answer them. There are a number of npcs who can vouch for the party and plenty of evidence of the noble's crimes. It could be pretty open and shut. I'd just have trouble trying to make that exciting and would appreciated some advice on spicing that up if possible.

  2. They leave without saying anything. The party don't need to say anything to anyone. They've got enough of a head start where they could just get in their boat and leave. If that happened I'd delay consequences for them. Bring potential fallout to them later in the campaign with the family of the noble wanting revenge, perhaps learning of the party from staff who saw them in the days prior to the death being discovered.

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My issue is basically if the party confess I need help making the "courtroom drama" exciting. If anyone can offer any advice I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

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