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Big Brain moment ends with my Character horribly crippled

> Be me, a 12 year old gnome armorer Artificer named Little Timmy, the baby in a 6 player party

> Party is at a decent level (9), and are challenged by an unknown figure to fight us or die

> We accept! (we're at level 9 what's the worst that can happen?)

> Fight begins, and the figure floats 15 ft in the air and starts throwing his familiars at us

> We're all primarily melee and can't reach 15 ft.

> *his is fine

> His familiars can ignore all my spells increasing my armor, including shield

> excuse me what the fuck

> We finally kill his two familiars, and he stops floating

> Okay, this is actually starting to go well, now we can finally-

> He transforms into a gigantic fucking Nightmare

> Jazz music stops

> We fight this abomination from Hell, and the party is getting wrecked

> It does 3 necrotic damage every time we make contact with it (this will become VERY relevant later)

> My gnome gets grabbed by the monster and picked up, leaving him with only 3 health

> I suddenly have an idea

> Yeah, this is big brain time

> "I want to misty step on top of the creature's head."

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> DM (trying to figure out if I had a stroke): "You want to mistystep on its head? Are you sure?"

> Me (still in big brain mode): "Yes, I have an idea!"

> DM (wondering why my brain decided to leave the party): "Ok…"

> I teleport to his head and unleash a lightning bolt directly on his head

> I feel epic for about two seconds, then-

> DM: "You take three damage from standing on the Nightmare."

> pikachu face

> My poor gnome is now bleeding out on top of the Nightmare

> Me (desperately trying to justify my idiocy): well my max health is over 100 there's no way he can instakill me, and our alchemist has healing word, this should be fine.

> It wasn't fine

> The Nightmare proceeds to pick me up and chuck me at our wizard (who's currently a giant ape)

> And Crits.

> I'm fine this is fine

> Somehow, by some miracle, this doesn't instantly kill kill me, but I do now have two death save fails.

> But this homebrewed boss from hell ain't done yet.

> He picks up a rock, and chucks it at me and Monkey.

> RIP Little Timmy, now crushed under a rock.

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> Now to provide some context, this DM doesn't pull his punches. He has previously punished other players for stupid decisions and killed off characters, so I was fully prepared for this to be the end of Timmy.

> But it was not to be.

> The Nightmare transforms back into the figure, and casts Revivify on Timmy.

> This brings him back to life, but barely, as his body doesn't significantly recover from the rock crushing.

> The figure then explains that he was testing our strength, and after a short conversation with the party (excluding Timmy who's in massive pain and barely conscious), left.

> The party now has to go on a side quest to obtain the spell scrolls and materials to keep Timmy from dying (again).

> Even if he survives, he'll very likely be crippled and require even more time/materials to fully recover (if he even can).

> Guys I might have miscalculated here.

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