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Blessings of Orcus

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I am currently running what used to be Out of the Abyss, but has since devolved into such an abomination of homebrew that I could probably release a supplement of all the weird stuff I've had to make. But that's beside the point.

My one player – Tiefling Divine Soul Sorcerer pursuing necromancy – ended up unwittingly becoming undead. I've ruled it similarly to the Warforged, in that she no longer needs to breathe, eat or sleep, while needing to remain in a mostly inactive state for a few hours. The rest of the campaign will partially be driven by her and the party's quest to restore her to life proper. For the record, we did discuss this beforehand.

This is where it gets complicated. Because they are already reasonably powerful – currently level 10 – I'm thinking that Vecna and Orcus would take an interest in her. Both would want to use her for their own ends, but would need to corrupt her into joining them. This will occur over a series of subquests, during which she will receive a couple of minor rewards.

She will have to pick the one or the other eventually, and this choice will lock her into the equivalent questline, for lack of a better phrasing. Both will grant two pretty powerful boons – Vecna will be his Hand and Eye, which are insanely strong together, but I'll allow it because it ultimately just lets me use the fun parts of the MM.

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I don't know what Orcus would grant. Combined I would prefer them to be comparable, and I'm thinking something along the lines of a buffed Orcus boon from MToF and some item, but I'm drawing a blank. None of the official items really seem very Orcus-y – except his wand, which he wouldn't part with. I've tried to find some inspiration from older books, but I haven't had much luck.

TLDR: What are some busted-ass blessings that Orcus might bestow?

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