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Blood Surge & Blood Casting – 2 optional rules of Risk/Reward

The two rules (in a nice format)

Blood Casting

Whenever you cast a spell, you can choose to sacrifice your vitality in exchange for magical energy instead of expending a spell slot. When you cast in this way, you take damage equal to twice your level times the spell slot level (and your nose bleeds). You cannot use this feature if the damage would exceed your current HP. You also cannot use it on abilities and spells that restore hit points or give temporary hit points.

Blood Surge

You can push yourself painfully beyond your mortal limits for a moment.On your turn, you can take one additional action. When you use this ability, you take damage equal to twice your level.You cannot use this feature on the same turn that you use an additional action. You also can't use it again until you finish a short or long rest.

Do you sometimes feel:

… If only I had a spell slot… if I only had an extra action…

At cost, at a stretch, sacrifice yourself for glory!


TL:DR The druid said – "yeah I'll be a shark!" good times… and then someone ELSE died.

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These two came about in my campaign with my 7 players, they are some smart cookies 🙂 love em, we play once a week for 1.5 years now.

1 day one of the PC's was 1 death save from drowning in a crazy underwater, gargantuan lightning jellyfish fight (with crazy pirate of the carbines elemental skeletons too… long story)

PAUSE => flashback:

Right BEFORE the session, my player (wizard) and I were chatting about the concept of Blood Casting… just as a theory of casting without spell slots… but we didn't really get into it then…

Back to the story:

The druid was drowning, and the rouge ran to help the druid that was drowning… it was the wizards turn and he was out of spell slots…. so…..

He asked if he can try to cast a spell without slots => on instinct (rule of cool) I said you can try!

You will need a 18/19/20 to make it work ('levitate' to get out of the water) and on a 1 something very bad can happen (I had no idea what… but I thought I could make it up…?) ANYWAY….

He casts and rolls a 19… cheers all around! The spell was cast – the druid did NOT drown!

But the person who went to defend the druid, the handsome self-sacrificing (party = family) rouge… Was surrounded by a deadly elemental empowered water skeleton hoard… he pulled a fireball dagger (homebrew, single-use) and detonated it to save his friends… it was CRAZY.

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He died… it was glorious and VERY sad, end of storytime.


There would have been 2 PC deaths if it was not for that broadcasting…. soooo… how do I make it standard

I thought of rolling – but that could give anyone a roll anytime… and at no cost…. felt broken

Then we tried to make it so each level of spell slot costs 1 LVL of exhaustion.. it works… but it had an issue for example if you are just before a long rest… you can just go to sleep and get a "free" 1st level spell.

But the main issue was that the effects lasted LONG, and felt too punishing

Then I came up with Blood Casting and the sister rule for martials 'Blood Surge' came right after.


– This is not for everyone… I play a tough/challenging game and my players and I like the challenge.

– HP for me represents your life force, I calculated how much I would like it to take as a % of you, it should feel substantial, otherwise, it would be ABUSED badly.

– FAQ –

>> THE MATH <<

– IS this better for Martials?

YES, It is more taxing on casters and gives a relative BUFF to Martials, yes that IS intentional.

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– Can you "faint" by Blood Surge by going to 0?

YES, UNLIKE Blood Casting, Blood Surge CAN be used all the way to 0HP. Yes, that IS intentional.

– Can I Blood Cast & Blood Surge on the same turn?

NO, it will be too taking on your body – thematically. I don't allow it.

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