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Bob the Orc Warlock

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Born on the Demon Wastes to the Chief of the Ghaash'kala Clan, Bobbagaroosh was the firstborn son, first in line to inherit the title of Clan Chief, and the first disappointment to his family.

The Ghaash'kala reside within Labyrinth, a great canyon network, where they work to fight back the forces of evil, specifically the forces attempting to free the Demonic Overlords inprisoned within the Labyrinth. Because of this sacred duty, members of the Ghaash'kala clan must be strong, hard working, and most importantly, willing to devote their life to worship a force called Kalok Shash, an orc term meaning "the binding flame". Ghaash'kala is orc for "ghost guardians", and the clansfolk believe that this sacred force calls upon them to prevent the evils of the Wastes from escaping into the wider world. Every Ghaash'kala takes an oath serve Kalok Shash when they reach their 5th year.

Bobbagaroosh was neither strong, nor hardworking, nor willing to devote his life for some Unseen Force that didn't seem to offer any tangible protection. His family recognized and despised these qualities in Bobbagaroosh, which resulted in a tumultuous childhood filled with constant degrading and physical abuse. His family beleived that, as a hard rock can sharpen steel, so too could a hard life sharpen Bobbagaroosh into the type of leader the Ghaash'kala Clan would need to continue the fight against the forces of evil.

Unable to match physically with those around him, Bobbagaroosh learned that his mind and his way with words were his greatest tools for survival. He found solutions and shortcuts to complete the otherwise impossible physical tasks that his family demanded of him. He bamboozled, hoodwinked and brokered deals with his fellow, lesser-intelligent Orc Brethren because it was the only way he could compete with peers and stay alive in the hellish landscape that he called home.

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His family was only able to see his physical weakness and unable to see his mental strength. He was an embarrassment. The future of the Ghaash'kala Clan was dependent on a traditional leader, one who would embody the traits of strength, hardwork, and devotion to Kalok Shash, the "binding flame" which opposed the Demonic Overlords imprisoned within the Labyrinth. Bobbagaroosh's existence as heir to the Ghaash'kala Clan was a threat to their future and the entire world.

When Bobbagaroosh turned the age of 10, the year before most orcs are considered to reach adulthood, the attempt by his family to kill him was unsuccessful. Bobbagaroosh deduced their plan to assasinate him and did what he does best- found a way to survive. A year before the attempt on his life, when Bobbagaroosh was age 9, he was tasked with gathering Dragonshards, the only item of value found in the Demon Wastes. Bobbagaroosh found a Crystal of the likes he had never seen before. It was glowing green, the color of his skin, and he felt drawn to it, more than he had ever felt drawn to his family, his race, or the duty of his Clan. He picked it up and heard a voice, in a language he did not recognize, but somehow was still able to understand. The voice knew everything about him: his horrible upbringing, his unique talents of intellect and spoken word, and his disconnect from the Kalok Shash, the "binding flame". It promised him power to never be bullied and to deliver retribution to all those who would seek his demise. All he had to do was renounce his family and renounce his oath to Kalok Shash. Bobbagaroosh knew that to renounce his family would renounce his rights as Heir to the Ghaash'kala Clan. But always one to keep his options open, Bobbagaroosh put the crystal in his pocket and went back to collecting Dragonshards.

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On his 10th birthday Bobbagaroosh's 3 younger, and much stronger, brothers led him to a far away cave under the pretense of hunting for food. Bobbagaroosh knew they were lying for various reasons, chief among them being that hunting for food was a chore carried out by much younger children as a training exercise and, even more obvious, that the cave to which they were headed was notoriously used for ritualistic executions.

Just outside the entrance of the cave, Bobbagaroosh told his brothers he knew of their plot to kill him. He attempted to use every trick he had learned growing up on the Demon Wastes. He tried bamboozling , hoodwinking and brokering deals with his brothers in order to convince them not to go through with it. When it was clear they would not relent, his shoulders sank and he resigned himself to his fate.

As Bob the Orc entered the cave, followed by his 3 younger, stronger brothers, he reached into his pocket and grabbed the crystal.

He walked out of the cave alone.

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