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Breaking the gold market by providing spell casting service during downtime?

Content of the article: "Breaking the gold market by providing spell casting service during downtime?"

This all started when I was thinking of ways to earn 2000gp to buy that plate mail for my paladin.

Well, obviously regular adventuring is not going to net me that 2000gp any time soon! Especially given the expenses like food, tools, and healing potions, etc. So I checked the ways to earn money during downtime, and then I also realize that I could go around providing healing services to people while I am not adventuring, because why else would I keep and waste those lay on hands in the uneventful city? It's like clerics using their spare spell slots to provide healing services, right?

And hoo boy, here comes the rabbit hole.

Checking the spell casting services that a player could pay an NPC to do, a single cast of lesser restoration is 40gp. So a lv3 cleric player with two level 2 spell slots can get 80gp per day if they provide healing services (not counting cure wounds yet). Similarly, a paladin with 15 points of lay on hands can remove three diseases/conditions much like lesser restoration so they can earn 120gp per day during downtime.

But, uh, a whole month of downtime means that they will earn 2400gp and 3600gp respectively.

Uh oh. 😨

And then I realize cantrips like mending can also be monetized because there will always be broken things and people seeking to fix them in a city, right? So let's say the price is 1gp per mending.

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But, uh, the casting time of mending is 1 minute. And there are 60 minutes per hour, so the hourly salary is 60gp. Working for 8 hours per day means 8 * 60 for 480gp.

A month of downtime, 30 * 480, equals 14400 gp. 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

Even if it's just theoretical earnings, and you don't literally cast mending every single minute for a whole month, so let's say you only cast mending half as many times, that's still 7200gp too ridiculous and destroys any reasonable excuse to become an adventurer to make money. Wizards can just be mending bots in the city and earn money that way.

Anyway, so I mentioned this extremely big problem in a discord server, and some people have come up with the following restrictions that could possibly work:

"Tax them, and make players depressed by making them realize they will never escape taxes, even in a fantasy RPG."

"The government has laws that prohibit establishments without a license/permit to provide spell casting services." (and if you help out in official places with permits like a temple or clinic you need to give part of the earnings to them)

"You have business competition and the competition has cheaper prices than yours and as such you earned a lot less."

"Robberies, unfortunate accidents, lots of 'em."

And then there are some that have given me the following arguments:

"No one is going to be looking for your services." or "The city is very clean and the population is generally very healthy, your services did not boom as you expected."

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Excuse me, it's healing. Everyone everywhere needs healing. Someone would need healing. And literally everyone and their mom will appreciate some mending. Even if you only charge a single silver coin for the mending, that's still a lot of money.

So by the end, I don't really know what to think now. I mean, it's only logical that the spell slots wasted away during downtime should be put to use somehow. Heck, if you are a ritual caster then you can just ignore spell slot and spam identify or detect magic during downtime all the time to make money this way. But players providing spell casting services are clearly too lucrative, yet forbidding them to do so doesn't make a lot of sense unless they are in a place that is very unfriendly to magic to the point that not even healing magic is accepted.

Thoughts, everyone?

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