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Let’s get the big fishes out of the room! I will comment on the 4 big and famous “trash tier spells”! After that, please bring me more, and I will try to answer and defend it!

While I don’t think I can defend one of them as a PC spell (a lot should know which one I’m talking about), I can do it for the other 3 ones!

1- MORDEKAINEN’S SWORD: This is, of course, the one I can’t truly defend! A spell that is outshined by literally every other damage concentration spell in the entire game (upcast to this level)! Now that we accept this as a fact, THIS SPELL IS AWESOME to be used by ANYONE but a PC! A powerful NPC should use it! It’s good to be used as a scroll! It’s good to be used by a powerful enemy! It’s good to be used by the shopkeeper! Ultimately, it’s a tool made for the DM, so it HAS his place in the game!

2- WITCH BOLT: This is a spell that I never understood why so many people label as “the worst”… Since ya know, it’s probably the best level 1 spell to use between level 1 and 5! It’s effectively a spell that, after a hit, can’t miss and last for 10 rounds with a single spell slot! After level 5, it is indeed pathetically weak, but before it, it is probably one of the best things a Wizard could do after burning his few last spell slots! Being a beginners tool doesn’t make it bad by any means!

3-TRUE STRIKE: We now got to the one most people would label as the “officially worst action one could take in a battle”! And yeah, that’s normally pretty much true! But you CAN use this thing to great effect! First and foremost, this is basically the best spell to use BEFORE a battle starts! Normally, attacking a foe would start the initiative rolls! But True Strike ISN’T a harmful or even threatening spell to your enemies, it has a range of SELF! So by no logic or rules the initiative would start if you used it while talking to the BBEG or the guards! Normally, this strategy sucks since most self targeted spells have a length of 1 minute, and time OUT of battle passes much faster (basically like reality), so you could essentially lose a spell slot or at least half of the duration out of pure bad timing! But true strike last only for 6 second and IS A CANTRIP! So you can essentially keep casting it every 6 seconds until the battle starts! I would love to see someone using an actual rule to prove this strategy won’t work! Also, if you have Elven Accuracy, the enemy has high AC, and you want to surely land a single targeted attack spell, True Strike IS mathematically better to land that attack, even if it you would have the possibility to do it two times before, this gives you triple advantage to most likely land it at least once for sure!

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4- FIND TRAPS: The famous “find traps who don’t find traps”! This spell is terrible in some tables, but can be pretty good on other ones! There are tables where the DM literally won’t even PUT traps, but there are DMs who will do it in every single room! This spell is extremely situational by nature, but you can AT LEAST verify if a room is safe to enter! There are some DMs that would tell you that with a simple perception check, and this kinda destroys the point of the spell! But in a very specific table where the DM is strict with perception and you have literally NO WAY to discover if a room is safe, this spell actually has his niche use! Still not a good use of a spell slot, but not USELESS!


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