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Bronze Age 5E with a Science Fantasy Twist!

Content of the article: "Bronze Age 5E with a Science Fantasy Twist!"

Hey everyone, I’m Marquis, and wanted to let you guys know that my new campaign book, SCAVENGER: Nomads of Uncharted Worlds has gone live!

SCAVENGER: Nomads of Uncharted Worlds is a 5th Edition campaign sourcebook. Players take on the roles of scavengers – punk daredevils and desperates who travel the dying, bronze age world of Akara and the alien world of Torn in search of a way to survive the extinction event that is the Cataclysm.

Found inside of this 237 page tome are:

  • The setting of Akara, complete with role tables, factions, NPCs, locations to explore, and strange mysticisms to practice!
  • The setting of Torn, which comes with 4 adventure locations, and 28 new magical items!
  • The Scavenger Suite, which details the base rules changes to the Scavenger setting, 6 new backgrounds, 13 new magical items, 3 new races (the Akaran, kirth, and morg), and 4 new subclasses (the rogue’s Vermillion Hand, fighter’s Starfaller, warlock’s Core Entity, and druid’s Circle of Cataclysms)!
  • The new Expedition Experience system, rewarding scavengers not for what they kill, but for what they’re able to return back to their patrons!
  • A fully illustrated bestiary with 15 weirdling alien things for your scavengers to hunt!


Q: Where will SCAVENGER: Nomads of Uncharted Worlds (Scavenger) be sold?

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A: You can buy the PDF right now on our online storefront. We will also be up on DrivethruRPG within the next week!

Q: Will there be a print version?

A: We did a Kickstarter last year to get a print run done! It’ll be dropping in Q1 of 2021, complete with a slipcover, art prints, maps, bookmarks, and more!

Q: What’s exactly is this book?

A: Scavenger is a campaign sourcebook, meaning its a complete setting filled with adventure seeds, roll tables, and mechanics to use at your table. Check the above quote to see everything that’s included!

Q: Is any of this content playtested?

A: I spent the last two years playtesting this both with my homegroup, as well as giving out the material for other groups to playtest, leading to what I believe to be balanced content.

If you want to know more, check us out on our discord, website, and Facebook!

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