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Building out a Kobold Druid (equipment choices) with a weight budget

Content of the article: "Building out a Kobold Druid (equipment choices) with a weight budget"

So I'm building a Kobold Druid character out to level 3, but I've never really built up a druid. Normally, this wouldn't be an issue equipment-wise, because I could just essentially copy over my standard camping kit I use on other characters, but with this character I want to de-civilize that kit. That, combined with a carrying capacity of 120lbs (8 str), and I'm not sure how I should go about doing that. Mostly, I'm looking for ideas not necessarily "you should have this exact list".

note: he hasn't been with a clan/tribe for a while but started out in one so some repurposed items would work

If I were just doing this for the mechanics, it'd be easy, but I want the kit to be believable.

As a starting point, here's the Civilized kit:

item qty weight (tot)
Backpack 1 5
Tent (2 person) 1 20
bedroll 1 7
blanket 1 3
clothing (spare) 1 3
candle (or lamp) 4
torches 4-10 4-10
tinderbox 1 1
rations (days) 7-14 14-28
chalk (for marking trails/etc.) 2
mess kit 1 1
shovel 1 5
handaxe 1 2
dagger 1 1
waterskin 1-3 5-15
soap 1
hemp rope (50ft) 1 10
sewing kit 1
mirror, silver 1
walking stick (quarterstaff) 1 4
whetstone 1 1
total weight: 114-144

Now, that obviously won't work for multiple reasons (not least that my little kobold weighs a grand total of 27lbs and this pack would weigh over 4 times that). I've already whittled off some things, but what all would you keep? What would you toss? What would you replace?

Bear in mind, this is a kobold druid, so he'll have darkvision and Druidcraft, but he'll also have been away from 'civilization' for a while and not have access to manufactured goods. He'll have a bit of a hunting and trapping focus and a lot of animal-focused gear (e.g. his 'helmet' is going to be a skull)

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Non-camping gear: Spear (3lb), sling (1.5lb ammo), Leather armor (10lb) (might swap this out), and maybe a few other odds and ends that I haven't thought of yet.

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