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Buying and Selling in the Feywild

Content of the article: "Buying and Selling in the Feywild"

Hey everyone!

My players have just entered the Feywild where they are looking for the leg-bones of a dead goddess whose body has been scattered across the multiverse. Per a lovely suggestion by u/GrumpyCTurtle, Drauv the Keeper of the Trees, who is a tree himself, has entangled his roots into the leg bones so that he can walk, and dance, and finally woo Ristrelna, the Dancing Nymph of the Wood. He's not going to give up these legs easily, so another Archfey has suggested that they make him some new legs.

This is going to lead them first to a big fey marketplace, and that's going to be the first time in this relatively-low magic campaign where the players will have the chance to see masses of magical items for sale. The thing is, I don't think the fey would care much for gold or (mundane) gems, so I've been trying to develop a way to handle transactions.

Essentially, the idea is that in order to give up an item they have, a fey is going to want something of value from the buyer. My plan is to roll on the following tables to see what the price is for a given item the PC wants to buy, thereby giving it a degree of randomness and letting the dice tell the story:

Uncommon (the PCs are at lvl 10, so right now I'm restricting the market to Uncommon and Rare items; should I throw in some Very Rares also?)


  1. Spend an hour of time complimenting the seller.
  2. Give the seller five drops of blood
  3. Give the seller a kiss
  4. Say or do something cruel enough to this pixie to make it cry
  5. Trade the seller something, if you can convince them it's good enough
  6. Sing or play the seller a beautiful song (DC 12 Performance Check)
  7. Tell the seller a great story (DC 12 Performance Check)
  8. Give the seller the color of your eyes (the PC’s iris’ become silvery white)
  9. Give the seller a blade that has killed something within the last day
  10. Take this jar from the seller (the PC who opens it will stink of skunk and farts for 1d6 days, giving them disadvantage on stealth checks)
  11. The concept of death becomes unbearably sad (any time you see something die, for the next 2d6 days, you must succeed at a Wisdom saving throw, DC 12, or spend your next turn weeping).
  12. Give the seller your sense of taste.
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  1. Give the seller a pound of flesh
  2. Give the seller your shadow.
  3. Kill this pixie, I can’t, I promised its mother I wouldn’t
  4. Tell the seller your fondest memory (and it fades as you tell it)
  5. Give the seller your left arm (don’t worry, they also sell prosthetics)
  6. Give the seller your left eye (don’t worry, they also sell prosthetics)
  7. Give the seller a piece of your Luck (three of your d20s you’ll soon roll will be auto-fails, at DM’s discretion)
  8. Give the seller seven years of your life (instantly aging the PC by seven years)
  9. Give the seller two teeth from one of your friends
  10. Give the seller your wisdom (you become half-proficient in a skill you’re proficient in)
  11. Your second child’s destiny belongs to this fey’s Archfey Lord.
  12. Take on mutations. Roll 1d4, and take on that number of mutations. If it is an even number, roll on the biological mutations table ( https://coinsandscrolls.blogspot.com/2018/01/osr-1d500-biological-mutations.html ). If it is an odd number, roll on the supernatural mutations table ( https://coinsandscrolls.blogspot.com/2018/04/osr-1d500-supernatural-mutations.html ).

What do you think of these prices? Are any of them too harsh or too lenient? Are there any other ideas you can think of, letting me bump it up to a d20 roll for some more variety? I think this will be a fun way to get the players some more magic items without sacrificing their gold, while also giving me some fun plot devices for later (How do people react to your character who has a magical prosthetic arm now? What does this hag want with your shadow? What in-game effects come from not having a sense of taste? How's combat going to work if you're stopping to cry every time a kobold goes down?).

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