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By far the most fun I’ve had with players arguing over a plan for 2 straight hours.

Content of the article: "By far the most fun I’ve had with players arguing over a plan for 2 straight hours."

>be me, DM planning encounters for party that's just gotten back to town from a dungeon

>have party bardlock in trouble with the law last session, alongside two dumbass-college-bro necromancer NPCs, based on a major misunderstanding involving the temple's head cleric, our party cleric's graffiti, wizard school politics, and a bunch of dead villagers the necromancer bros are trying to (legitimately) resurrect

>let bardlock lay low and go on whimsical shopping trip with love interest and one of the necro bros (player loves this idea)

>rest of party, cleric/paladin/wildmage sorcerer, decide to go to temple next session to talk head cleric down from arresting bardlock when he gets back

>sit down, plan elaborate temple heist led by cleric's rogue daughter and the other necro bro (a legendary dumbass but deep down a good boy)

>run out of time and decide fuck it, I'll wing it, hope I don't mix up where the doors are

>get to session, send bardlock off, party finds rogue daughter and necro bro

>rogue/necro-bro begin to explain plan to save the villager lives (steal Raise Dead scrolls)

>sorc immediately cuts them off to tell them they're idiots and their plan is stupid

>sorc threatens to stop them and narc them out to head cleric

>necro bro: "dude wtf there are DEAD PEOPLE we can SAVE and you're STOPPING US?"

>sorc: yes. also I think you caused the magic accident that killed them. casts hold person and gives angry lecture about how necro bro is stupid and his plans are stupid

>(sorc and his player… really, really hate necro bro)

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>party knows full well that magic accident was a (different) wildmage and it killed necro bro's boyfriend

>he signed them both into service to a necromancer to save him

>that's it, that's why they're necromancers, that's literally their entire backstory

>we JUST did a cutaway thing where the bardlock is talking to the other necro bro about what death was like and if he regrets coming back to be a necromancer. this JUST happened

>necro bro gives up on logic, throws punch, roll initiative

>cleric/paladin, watching all of this unsure what to do: ?!?!??!!?!?!?!?!?!?!

>bardlock: so I know…. none of this?

>me: correct! anyway, so, as you're walking out to the next village with the hot knight…

>(I've been switching back to the bardlock at really tense moments. party goes "!!!!!" and it's very fun)

>anyway, fight starts, bro and rogue try to subdue sorcerer while he mostly uses a lot of Command

>cleric/paladin roll in to try and break up fight but roll really poorly

>rogue/necro bro mostly roll really well, combat ends with sorcerer's arms/legs tied

>(be me, grateful I randomly happened to read the Xanathar's knot-tying rules pre-session so I can shut down sorc player's bitching about me "cheating")

>rogue and necro bro beg paladin/cleric for help kidnapping sorcerer to save the dead villagers

>paladin/cleric: !?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? for 5 straight minutes

>me: fuck it, end of session, think on that till next week. Have a good one

>(secretly glad I have time to give the temple heist a proper map)

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