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Campaign notes/etc help?

Content of the article: "Campaign notes/etc help?"

Hello all.

I've been running a 5e homebrew campaign for a while(This is my first homebrew), and have been using Onenote and a mixture of a physical binder, and pen/paper. We play the game over Discord via a voice call.

We're pretty deep into the campaign storywise, and the current setup we have works pretty well. However I personally find keeping the campaign notes and organization constantly bothersome/difficult to set up to make it easier to run for me.

I'm wondering if anyone knows a good free software or a way to keep the campaign organized more efficiently? (Even tips on what should be more organized where.)

I'm fine using physical or digital or both even. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

Some extra things if it helps:

I really like worldbuilding, so I tend to go pretty detailed for locations, characters, lore, etc. I don't railroad my party so I always make sure I at least have a loose idea of what to do. I don't over prep and do everything in deep dive details, but having a reliable method that doesn't depend on me flipping around like crazy to dive into notes for minutes trying to find something obscure a player remembered and looked into, etc.

We don't use Roll20: Most my players don't have access to the app, and prefer using the method we have. And I personally have tried using roll20 but it does nothing but confuse me.

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Onenote: Is lovely and was a godsend… But the more I use it, the more issues I end up coming across. It constantly lags and/or I have to flip around constantly as information either won't load, or something just 'goes wrong' and I get an error. (I've tried both the new version and the 2016 vers.)

Physical binder: My physical binder I've added a lot of written notes I've had to redo/improv due to onenote hating me. I keep NPCs, dungeon notes, game notes, loot, and a variety of other things. I only recently started using it as Onenote started to grow less reliable.

I've tried looking around online and any forums I find with this same question are rather old and come with outdated/broken links, or are just general but obscure tips. Anything helps, even small tips or methods you use.


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