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Campaign Setting: The Infinite Plane. Part 1: The beginning.

Content of the article: "Campaign Setting: The Infinite Plane. Part 1: The beginning."

So, based on an old idea I came up with for a weird game setting, I ended up creating The Plane as the setting for my first D’n’D campaign as a DM. I’m getting close to the end of the first arc of a second campaign set on The Plane, so I’ve been immensely tempted to share some details about it with the world. The Plane draws on many aspects of canon Wizards lore that I’ve picked up, but those parties who play their usual roles generally play them for different reasons.


The story of The Plane begins in the void at the beginning of time, with two incomparable forces: The Mindless Creator and The Empty Devourer. Essentially, they’re a near-sentient white hole and black hole, respectively. The Mindless Creator spews forth endless elementary particles in all directions, and the gravity of the Empty Devourer draws them in.

Life, of course, inevitably sprouts from the interactions of matter and energy in the materials streams from the Creator to the Devourer, and here arise the Aboleths.

“The Aboleths are perfectly adapted to their role as the first beings ever to live: they have perfect memories of their every experience, psionic abilities to expand their experience of the world, and the ability to absorb memories, or share them, through physical or psionic contact. They are living archives of the history of the universe. If fate is kind, they live to see their purpose fulfilled, and as that history ends, they know with utter satisfaction that, between them, they have lived every moment of it. And of course, having been born in the matter streams in the time before time, they would not have survived if they were not so fishlike, and could not swim through them.” –The memoirs and archives of Altilla, Angelic Messenger of Illithyn.

As the Aboleths watched, swimming ever toward the Creator to prolong their experience, they observed the birth of other species, most short-lived as they were not so well-suited to swimming in the matter streams as the Aboleth, until at last were born the Deities. The Deities were blessed with a particular power, a Strange and fascinating one, that nothing else in Creation had yet known: They could shape the matter and energy emitted from the Mindless Creator by their raw will, causing by force the interactions that had previously, by chance alone, produced things with proper forms and beings with proper thoughts.

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“If not for the Deities, what would have been? Most likely, merely other comparable entities. It is the nature of things to organize, to take on greater and ever-complexifying forms; the Deities are merely engineers and catalysts of that process, and if not them, there would simply be a different force to take that role. I believe this question to cut closer to the heart of the issue: What is the value of a creation if the creator has no intention, no will, to shape it into a certain form? Is there any value at all? The very existence of the Deities seems to indicate that creation has a bias towards intentionality, rather than incidentality.” –The memoirs and archives of Altilla, Angelic Messenger of Illithyn.

As the Deities experimented with their power over creation, they realized their situation was untenable. The beings they created, beings that, like them, could fly freely in the void beyond the matter streams, were too similar to their creator deities to be interesting. These first intentional creations, named ‘Angels’ were simple and subservient, but had very little thought of their own. The Deities conceived that to create beings unlike themselves, they would need to create those beings in a world unlike their own.

But how to build a world of things, within this empty void, when the Endless Devour strove to Empty the void further with every passing second? In essence, they were attempting to paint on a canvas made from water, and their markings slipped away the moment they were made. It was thus that the Deities contrived to create the Spheres. In a concerted effort of all the Deities working together, a union likely to never be repeated, the Deities warped the fabric of reality itself, folding space into great sheets, and wrapped reality about the Devourer in spheres.

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Nine spheres of increasing size and identical scale, wrapped about each other, covered up the Devourer to cut off its pull, and between the Creator and Devourer was created a flat square of material, resting upon one point of the sphere. This world, in which the living beings created by the Deities would live, would come to be known by those beings as ‘The Plane’.


This post is already so long that I worry I won’t be able to post it, so I’m splitting it into two parts. Part 2, ‘The Middle and The End’, will follow as soon as it’s finished.

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