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Can a cleric of Bahamut who has gone to the ‘dark’ side, but is still technically serving Bahamut’s main directive of fighting against Tiamat and her agents, still have access to her divine magic?

Basically the title, but the long version is:

One of my favourite NPCs, the greatest and most well known hero in my homebrew, who has spent her life giving to and protecting the people, is currently beginning her arc to become one of the final BBEGs.

She is sick of the way the Emperor and the nobility treat her like a pet or personal guard dog, she is under the pressure the watchful eyes of the entire kingdom, who hold her up on a pedestal, and she can no longer put up with the stress. I've already prepared multiple different scenes that show her slow turn to the 'dark side', but I'm not sure if Bahamut is going to stick with her once she defects.

Stats wise, she is a Folk Hero Fighter 14, Cleric 3 – Domain of Life, and Bahamut's revenant.

The inciting incident of her arc is the Emperor refusing to allow her to keep a powerful divine magic item, (that she found by translating and solving an old riddle) that would give her the power to regrow her older brother's legs – which were frozen off by an ice dragon in her youth. She promised him 30 years ago she'd find a way to help him no matter what. But after 'everything she's done for the kingdom' she's furious they won't give back to her this one thing.

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The final scene in her arc is after an intense battle against an ancient red dragon (that the Emperor sent her to deal with). She and her party have failed. The red dragon, sensing the spite and anger, seeing a possible ally rather than a next meal, isolates her and manipulates her already waning confidence in her people and offers her the power she's been after – to take her life back into her own hands, to do whatever she wants, never have to obey and serve again.

As far as what she does after, she's not necessarily interested in wreaking havoc or hurting people. Deep down, she still cares deeply about the common folk, and her family and friends, and all those she's always protected. But the kingdom and the emperor, and the expectations of society have warped and hardened her. She will no longer report to the emperor, she will no longer work in a party with other adventurers, she will no longer use non-lethal damage against human/sentient enemies, she will keep any items and gold she finds during her adventures (even if she knows who they belong to). She will use whatever means necessary to achieve her goals – which includes stealing by force, fighting and killing town guards, and interrogating/threatening innocent people and following through on those threats.

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But her main goal IS still to clear out the 'Cult of Tiamat' that she's been fighting against for years and years now. The only real difference is now she's doing it the 'bad' way. So, what do you guys think, what exactly would Bahamut feel in this situation? Since she's still clearing out the cult, is he still on board? Or because of her deal with a chromatic dragon, and her unlawful way of going about things, is he not interested anymore?

Thanks for reading! And I'm happy to clarify if anyone has questions.


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