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Can a level 3 party kill a loup garou?

Buckle up

>Be me, Level 3 eladrin genie warlock with patron as familiar

>Be not me, Goblin rune knight chef, Human scam cleric with real/fake god, tiefling bard who wasn't there so the dm took over, Human sorlock with a weird shadow and the DM

> Through a long and complex process we discovered that a disgraced noble was a loup garou, had were rats slaves AND was wanted in his former kingdom with a hefty bounty
> Noble wants other noble as wife and we aren't about that so we sneak her to a druid with the scam cleric posing as lady noble and staying back with her guard

>Druid is wildfire druid and scares the shit out of us before she reveals herself to be innocent bean

>Druid gives us a potion and promises to help us kill the LG as long as its before the full moon because fey tax
>Full moon is tomorrow night
>Send message to cleric to come to us by following the badger messenger so we can ambush LG
>Get nearby Hobs to help because LG scared away their allied tribe (commander, mage and super fighter with 2 gobbo slaves)
>Set up ambush in druids front lawn because trees

>cleric arrives dressed as a commoner without guard because in our rush we forgot to specify dresscode and plus 1's are allowed

>LG doesnt come
>Long rest until next night so no Druid help but she gave us a potion to stave off wolf madness for noble lady (because shes infected)
>Full moon ambush time
>spot 6 figures coming to ambush
>4 dwarfs a rat person and big hairy and angry himself
>dwarfs trigger rolling log trap and ambush starts
>Hob mage starts with a fireball into the group killing 2 dwarfs halfing the others and hurting the rat and fur ball

I'm gonna skip the first round of combat because it was a surprise round and only the Furry was left up

> Gobbo chef runs up and smaks wolf with ladle warhammer (silvered for her pleasure)
>15 damage with 6 from hammer and 9 from GM
>Wolf turn
>Everyone other then me, chef and 2 gobbos spooked
>Time for attacks
>End of wolfs turn commander and mage hobs are dead from one hit and hes up on the ridge i'm on 50ft away from me
>oh no
>Blast wolf im mouth with EB for 10 damage and call him a furry
>Angy wolf
>Chef and gobs walk up to ridge to flank fur ball
>Only ones who can damage him are me, cleric and chef because silver and magic so the hob and 2 gobs cant do anything but the bard spams quips and insp while the sorlock tries to levitate the wolf
>wolf turn, misses smol gob, hurts chef

>2 attacks left

>Wolf looks at me
>oh no

>squishy with 21 hp and 13 ac
>wolf charges, chef hits AoT but wolf dont care
> invisable familiar is in his path to knock him off with touch attack so he takes fall damage
>All according to keikaku (Translator's note: Keikaku means plan)

>no longer invisable familiar out in open
>last words of "motherfu-"


>wolf reaches me
>bites me for 20 damage

>1HP and a dream

>"CON save" says dm

>Full moon plus werewolf plus failed save = 2 wolf
>fail save with a 6
>still have to fail 2 more times

>smol gobbo turn
>"fite me cunt"
>tries to push wolf off ridge
>NAT 20
>DM doesnt allow crits on kill checks so total of 19
>Wolf rolls
>Wolf falls off ridge taking 3 damage

>Second save vs becoming a furry
>Blast furball for 7 damage and throw my magic ring to chef encase I die because genielock
>Chef throws ring to tiefling bard so he can slap but needs to dash to get to it so no slap yet

>Wolf turn

>Downs chef, kills other smol gob, runs up ridge and down me

>Time for death saves AND wolf saves

>6 and 8

>Either I die or become a furry

>Smol gobbo turn

>Pushes wolf off cliff again because why not

>Everyone panicking because oh shit we gonna TPK

>Sorlock has neuron activation
>Casts sleep rolling 25


>Cheers and WOOPing

>Cleric and bard pick up me and chef while we all ready action super ultra murder
>Cleric starts with sacred flame for 7 damage

>I EB for 5 damage plus 2 thunder for 14 total
>Everyone else misses or doesnt hurt


>wolf starts to shift back into human form

>get ready to cut off head for bounty plus trophy

>turns out the wolf WASN'T the Loup Garou

>Reach level 4
>Don't get answer to 'can a level 3 party kill a loup garou'

>Druid returns and tree strides us far away so LG doesnt insta merk us when we leave

>Forgot to tell us where we'd end up

Stay tuned for next time: 'Where the fuck are we?' the anime adaptation to the hit light novel series 'Can a level 4 party dropped in the middle of bumfuck nowhere due to bean druid treestride out run a Loup Garou'


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