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Can i get some help finishing this high end magic item? the storm lords helm.

Content of the article: "Can i get some help finishing this high end magic item? the storm lords helm."

My players have gone on a quest to find the body of a fallen god known as the storm lord, they already have a spear that belonged to him, which one of the player in a series terrible/amazing decisions and hilarious rolls and coincidences used to convince a whole lot of people that there was a new god of lighting.

Of which the funniest part was the paladin trying to inform a bunch of illiterate highly superstitious goat herding tribesmen that. "that lighting bolt that blew the top off them mountain wasn't the work of a god, some wizards just spilled a barrel of lighting attraction potion."at which point he was choked unconsciousness by a curse on a item he had been carrying for 6ish sessions that does not let him lie, thus cementing the existence of the lighting god.

This is naturally a very high level item, but I'm having trouble balancing it and making it fit the theme, i apologize in advance for my no doubt terrible grammar.

The storm lords helmet.

An ancient bronze helmet decorated with images of lighting bolts and elven spell sigils.

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Requires attunement.

While attuned a storm will begin forming any place the wearer arrives and will take 1d10+2 days to form, this storm will cover 3 miles, this storm can be with or without rain as the wearer wills, but will always have lighting and thunder.

The user is resistant to thunder damage and immune to lighting damage.

The user gains darkvision out to 60ft, they perceive everything starkly lit asif in the exact moment of a lighting strike.

The helm grants the following effects when worn.

The user can cause their voice to boom out to 200ft, or have their footsteps crack with thunder at will.

If hit by lighting damage, the wearer can as a reaction reflect that damage upon the one who dealt it, if struck by the spell lighting or chain lighting the same reaction can redirect it at any target within 40ft or the remaining distance the lighting has to travel whichever is shorter.

Heart of the storm.

When the storm above is fully formed the user gains the following additional benefits.

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The wielder can use the spell mass suggestion 7th level dc20 at will once per a day, but only against elemental beings of air.

Storm lords voice, the wearer may as an action twice per a day shout their loudest, any creature within 20ft of the user must make a dc20 con save or take 5d10 thunder damage be knocked back 10ft and stuck deaf for 1 hour, on a success they only take half damage and are not knocked back or deafened.

Mantle of sparks.

Once per a day as an action the wearer can activate the mantle which will last for 1 minute, any hostile creature that ends their turn within 5ft on the wearer takes 5 lighting damage at the end of their turn.

im looking for a few additional effects that will fit the helm and not be tooo op or broken.
Edit: altered some effects, made the storm take longer to form, and moved some effects down to the fully formed storm.

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