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Can you help me with some creative ideas?

Content of the article: "Can you help me with some creative ideas?"

Okay so as the title says I’m stumped- this is only my second time running a campaign I’ve made up from scratch, the first one went amazing, it was very much session, plan, session, plan and it went amazing- this time I’m stuck! Here’s the set up (if your name is Tryxian, Ten or, Reverie- STOP READING)

I wanted to build the story around a mysterious labyrinth, so I have already created a really extravagant labyrinth (puzzle dungeon basically) which is found in the tallest mountain in the Leontine mountain range. The backstory is that the labyrinth was created by a golden dragon- Valhydron, so when she finally dies, only the worthiest adventurer would be able to claim her horde (she’s a humble gal)

Anyway the story started off with the 3 PCs in a mysterious room looking for a way out (they basically have already tried the labyrinth, failed, and it’s wiped their memory, so none of them know where they are, but they all have reasons for being there, they just don’t know them yet). They escaped and eventually came across a small agricultural settlement of halflings (think the Shire from LOTR) in the mountains called Akita

They’ve had some role play in the village and come across a dog (Hydro) who is secretly the dragon. They came across a young brother sister elven duo who were seeking the labyrinth in promise of its wealth. The labyrinth is thing of legend- does it or doesn’t it exist. The pair told the story that it was created by a wizard, and that’s what the PCs believe.

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The young elf girl was kidnapped in the night and investigation lead them to a pile of rotting bodies outside the village, including the sister. (What they don’t know is that there is a secret arrangement between Akita and Valhydron, in exchange of protection, the village folk would capture and kill adventurers looking for the labyrinth and give any treasures to the dragon. My thought was that the leader of this in the village is the priest. Nothing is set in stone on this yet though

They noticed a trail of footprints and blood leading from the corpse pile to a nearby Swamp (this swamp is massive- uncrossable) the adventurers followed the footprints and blood for clues and ended up being ambushed by lizard folk in the swamp. My thought process was that the dead bodies of adventurers are left and disposed of by the lizard folk. I haven’t decided why, and I have no idea where to go from here. The idea is it’s an agreeable arrangement for both parties, the halflings have a free body removal service, and the lizard folk get to have the bodies for…. for what?! Aaaaaaah)

So now my level 3 party of PCs (warlock, rouge and Druid) and an NPC (bard) are heading deeper into the swamp to find our more. What are these lizard folk up to?

Literally any ideas would be very much appreciated- I feel very much in the deep end and the next session’s tomorrow!! 😅

Tl;dr stumped dm needing inspiration, what could a group of lizard folk in a mysterious swamp be needing with a plentyful supply of fresh corpses?

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